August 27, 2008
To: El Dorado County Fire Safe Council's Satellite Fire Safe Councils
Subject: Affiliation of Satellite Councils to EDCFSC

The EDCFSC Board of Directors worked over the past year to amend the Bylaws of the Corporation to reflect the current Board make-up and to provide guidance to our community-based Satellite Fire Safe Councils. These amended Bylaws were formally adopted by the Board at their annual meeting on June 23, 2008. The EDCFSC has experienced tremendous growth especially with the formation of new Satellite FSCs.

Attachment 1 of this transmittal document is the Satellite Fire Safe Council (SFSC) Affiliation Agreement to be completed by the SFSC and returned to the EDCFSC. Included in this attachment is a copy of the amended EDCFSC Bylaws for your files. The complete Policies and Procedures Manual is also available on our website.

Item 10 in the affiliation agreement references regular reporting updates to the EDCFSC that will be delivered to the SFSCs under separate cover. We have developed an on-line reporting system with individual passwords for each SFSC to use to update information on the website and report current status, accomplishments and issues of concern, if applicable. It is our hope that by giving the SFSCs the capability to update their specific information on our website, we will be able to provide the best information possible to visitors on our site. This will also be used to gather data such as Defensible Space statistics that our fire agency partners need to fulfill their reporting requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact either party below. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this important initiative. We look forward to working with each of the Satellite Councils to assist them in accomplishing our mutual mission in helping our residents protect their homes and property from catastrophic wildland fire.

Richard Englefield, EDCFSC Chair      Vicki Yorty, EDCFSC Executive Coordinator


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