EDC Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
October 26, 2011
Gold Hill Station 27
10:00 am

  1. Meeting Call to Order
  2. Roll Call: Sign In
  3. Public CommentTime limit is 5 minutes per person. The Board will hear from the public regarding items not on the agenda. Any action requiring Board intervention must first be on the agenda and no action can be taken at this time. The only other time the public will be permitted to comment is prior to a vote. That comment must pertain to the subject to be voted on.
  4. Approval of Minutes: From September 28, 2011
  5. Approval of Agenda: October 26, 2011
  6. Correspondence or communications:
  7. Treasurer's Report: Ken Hasse
    1. Purchase Order Process (action item)
    2. Volunteer Insurance (action item)
    3. U of N Next Step Booklets
  8. Committee Reports:
    1. Finance
      1. Grants
        1. Project awards - 2012 Residential Chipping / Dumpster Program
        2. Project status - CAL FIRE Prop 40 LT-10 East Side Fuel Break
        3. Projects submitted to SNC Phase 1 - October 21, 2011
    2. Green Waste Voucher Program update from November 19, 2011 meeting with El Dorado Disposal / Waste Connections
    3. Public Outreach
    4. Governance
  9. New Business:
    1. Strategic planning preparation meeting in lieu of general meeting on November 16, 2011 and topics for discussion / decision.
      1. Compile SFSC projects' status (shovel ready vs. pre-work) using 'Project Update' worksheets provided to each SFSC to complete and submit to Executive Coordinator on November 14, 2011 meeting.
      2. Confirm committees and participating representatives for the upcoming calendar year.
      3. Define temporary / subcommittees (i.e., annual fund raiser, etc.)
      4. Develop FAQ sheets for each program / services to be provided to each SFSC and included on EDCFSC website.
    2. Meeting with Nashville/Sandridge FSC scheduled for Thursday 10/27/11 at 4pm in Shingle Springs
    3. Sierra Nevada Alliance would like to give presentation on Scotch Broome/invasive/fire retardant species at one of the EDCFSC meetings.
  10. Old Business:
    1. Cease and Desist Order (action item)
    2. Barry Callenberger's Contract (action item)
    3. Modify Affiliate Agreement (pending Governance Committee Report)
    4. Require annual Financial Statement, if have own bank account
    5. List of Board Members
    6. Awaiting confirmation from Karen Quidachay (CABY) regarding their 11/16/2011 presentation.
  11. Report from the Executive Coordinator: Cari DeWolf
  12. Directors Reports: Any item requiring Board action or input
  13. Good of the Order
  14. Adjourn