EDC Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Business Meeting
September 26, 2012
USFS Headquarters, 100 Forni Road, Placerville
(Check-in at USFS Reception Station is required)
10:00 am to 11:30 am

  1. Meeting Call to Order
  2. Roll Call: Sign In, please on the clipboard circulating and check the accuracy of your information.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Board Action Item
  4. Consent Agenda: Board Action Item
    1. Approve Amended July 25, 2012 and August 22, 2012 minutes Board Meeting Minutes
  5. Public CommentTime limit is 3 minutes per person. The Board will receive comments from the public regarding items not on the agenda. Any action requiring Board intervention must first be on the agenda for Board action, and no action can be taken at this time. The only other time the public will be permitted to comment is prior to a vote on an action item listed below. That comment must pertain to the subject to be voted on and is limited to 3 minutes.
  6. Information Items:
    1. Correspondence and Communication:
      1. Dave Eggerton email
      2. EDC Board of Supervisor meetings
      3. Vegetation Management Projects (VMP) Map
      4. EDCFSC Website
      5. Social Media - Facebook
      6. News releases, emails and phone calls
        1. Mountain Democrat
        2. Orange County Assistant Fire Marshall
        3. Residential Chipping Program
      7. Sharing/borrowing equipment
    2. Report from the Chair: Richard Krek
      1. CWPP update
    3. Treasurer's Report: Ken Hasse
    4. Committee Reports:
      1. Fundraising Working Group: Pat Dwyer
      2. Governance: Ken Hasse
    5. Report from the Executive Coordinator: Cari DeWolf
    6. Directors' reports:
  7. Action Items
    1. Chairperson's vice-chair selection
    2. By Laws: Approval of Non-discrimination and Sexual Harassment policies
    3. EDC Board of Supervisor Letter: Ratification
    4. Fundraising Committee: Resolution
    5. Public Education-Outreach Committee to Public Information Team (PIT): Resolution
      1. Member recruitment
        1. Meeting and event coverage
        2. News media communications
        3. Website development and updates
        4. Facebook development and updates
        5. Electronic newsletter
    6. Locations for Board of Directors meetings: Schedule locations for 2013 meetings
    7. Projects Committee:
      1. Member recruitment
        1. Update VMP and CWPP Projects Maps:
          1. Collect Satellite FSC data
            1. Projects completed to date
            2. Identify new projects for Appendix M
  8. Good of the Order
Adjourn to October 24, 2012 meeting