Appendix M - Strategic Planning Meeting, 2005 - Project Matrix

El Dorado County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Market Area: 0. Countywide Projects
2003 Absentee Landowners Council will continue to work with county during General Plan implementation, ordnances Title III approved project for General Plan Implementation (25K) No funding requirement identified. Continue to work with EDC No change in status, will continue to work through local FSCs and various EDC fire agencies
2003 Composting Bins/Books Not included in 2005 requests Project Completed    
2003 Coordinator Retention/FSC Sustainability Funded Title III at 75%, bill 25% to Chipper/ other Title III (68.4K) other project admin costs appx: $25K for 12 months Title III $ required in 2006, continue to find other sources of revenue Funded Title III (75%) and EDCAQMD (25%) for 2006 ($23.8K) and 2006/2007 (57.4K), will continue to work with CA FSC on sustainability. Apply for 2007 Title III funding (75%) for on-going FSC Ops
2003 Defensible Space Inspections (Home Visits/Community Based Visitation) Georgetown, Garden Valley, Meeks Bay and expand to Rescue Title III, $25K 04, $23K 05, will request 06 Title III $ On going program, expand to other areas as resources permit Expand program to Rescue, Garden Valley, Pollock Pines, Logtown, east/west Sand Ridge and Outingdale - Title III 07
2003 Design and Improvements Standards Manual, Vol 3, Single Parcels Non-Subdivision Final draft in process, will be presented to FPOA and then delivered to El Dorado County None None $1K remaining in Title III account, possibly use that to support FPOs' efforts and EDC Planning Dept
2003 El Dorado County Wildfire Protection Plan (Fire Safe Plan) Approved by FSCBOD, USFS, CDF, Chiefs, BOS & FEMA. Update at Strategic Planning meetings Funded through FSC Ops for updates Updates distributed to recipients of EDCWPP hardcopies and updated on website Continue to update during Strategic Planning -- distribute Updated Appendix M Nov 06 to all CWPP recipients after FSC approval.
2003 Fire Safe Video Project completed with Peppers & Assoc. Will market videos to off-set production costs (8.5k) Video available through website & Peppers Assoc. will continue to market. Completed Possible partnership with Peppers & Associates to update video showing new 100' Defensible Space Law. Identify funding sources.
2003 General Plan Consultant Will continue to work with BOS and assist in General Plan Implementation     No change in status
2003 Newspaper Insert
Used Pub Ed funds to print May 2005 Title III - 05 Pub Ed Title III -06 Pub Ed 10,000 copies of newsletter in 2006. 2 Newsletters funded through EDCAQMD for 2007
2003 On-going Public Education and local FSC formation assistance Received $10K in 2005 to fund pub ed materials, newspaper insert, supplies and mailing for local FSCs and other education efforts Title III - 05 Pub Ed Will request 15K Title III for 2006 Public Education and community outreach Will request 15K Title III for 2007 Public Education and community outreach
2003 Residential Chipping Program BLM-05 100K, FSC match Title III-142K (80KChipper, 20KBOS, 42K other Title III CA FSC/BLM 06 grant (100K) based upon 2006 Title III match of $100K 2006 Title III: Chipping 80K, Def Space 20K, BLM 100K BLM funding for 2006 and 2007 at $100k per year. Admin/Scheduling covered under EDCAQMD for 2006/2007
2003 Road/Residence Signage Needs to be addressed on a community basis. Good project for local councils Not funded, work with local councils, OES for evac signs Use Pub Ed funds to educate homeowners Continue to work with EDC Fire Districts, signage is a huge issue in the more rural areas. Find vendors/CBOs to assist homeowners house signs and DOT with street signs
2003 Senior & Disabled Assistance Not funded by Clearinghouse 05 or WUI proposals. Title III (13K for Admin) Submitted 22K WUI proposal, will pursue other matching funds Currently not funded, continue to seek funding. 100' clearance very big impact on Sr & Disabled residents. Working with EDC (identify clients) and CCC (crew work) org for 2007 program
2003 Staging Areas/Public Assembly Places Will work with OES on a community by community basis, on-going project Part of Evacuation Planning Process, work with OES Not defined. Address at community level Will be addressed at local FSC level in their evacuation planning. Continue to work with OES.
2003 Wildfire Education Center Not currently funded, will continue to pursue. Submitted WUI proposal and clearinghouse/no $ None Submitted WUI proposal 8/05, working with CDF for alternatives On back burner, Chris Anthony developed list of materials, Applied to Home Depot, not funded.. Will pursue as time permits.
2004 Fire Safe Calendars for coming year Ordered 10000 and will sell on website Split between Chipper and donations received Included in Chipping grant and Pub Ed for 2007 calendars. Also sell on website. 2007 Calendars ordered using Title III 2006 Pub Ed funds, will sell via website. Over $5 income last year. Will distribute through local councils.
2004 Pilot Red Flag Project with FPOA Pilot in rural communities, road signs and flags, public ed is the key None Title III for 06 will be requested - new project Not funded. Will continue to work with Fire Chiefs and FPOa to better define ways to communicate Red Flag warning days to public. Local FSCs start their own programs.
2004 RCD proposal for Title III funding to complete El Dorado County Fire and Resource Analysis Submitted after 05 Title III allocations, resubmit for 06   Have not received any information from RCD Project funded through RCD
2005 Biomass Utilization, set up committee and explore opportunities with partners Committee formed, researching possible grants for feasibility, etc. None Possible USDA grant, sub date December 1 05, not scoped No submission for USDA grant call (concept papers due 11/2). Will submitt 2007 Title III request for Countywide Biomass Utilization Plan funding.
2005 Countywide Project map Work with CDF USFS BLM etc. Joint agency project, no additional funding required   Continue to work with USFS, CDF and BLM to get updates to project map. Available on website.
2005 Firewise Communities Pilot 8 EDC community assessments     Per request from Tom Hoffman CDF, submitted WUI proposal 8/25/05 Not funded in 2006. Working with Firewise Communities USA to determine process to add EDC communities. Auburn Lake Trails only Firewise Community in county.
Market Area: 1. American River Canyon/ Forest
2003 Grizzly Flats CAP completed 4/04, CWPP Contract awarded 5/05, estimated comp. date 1/2006 $21,823 Title III funding Work with GFFSC to identify funds for CWPP implementation Grizzly Flats CWPP reviewed and approved in 2006. Used as basis for 2007 grant proposals.
2003 Omo Ranch Fuel Break On-going project with CDF through 2005 Title III $65.5 with $275K CDF WUI grants and Crew In-Kind Project on-going through 2005, no action/funding required from FSC in 2005 No funds required from FSC in 2007.
2005 Grizzly Flats FSC operations Submitted to Forest Foundation, no word - not approved GFFSC raised $2 for ops with BBQ   On -going fundraising projects, FSC becoming self supporting..
2006 Grizzly Flats Evacuation Route Clearing     USFS grant awarded through CA Clearinghouse for$235K with $42K matches. Begin work in early 2007. Contract received 10/06.
2006 Grizzly Flats FSC - Shaded Fuel Breaks Priority 2 0f 2     Applied CA Clearinghouse ($960K with $17.7 match), not funded in 2007. Will resubmit in next grant round to include maintenance.
Market Area: 2. Coloma/Gold Hill
2006 Form satellite FSC, public education/outreach       Do community outreach and public ed. Work off of existing CAP. Identify stakeholders to include tourism, possibly Chamber of Commerce  
Market Area: 3. Cool/Pilot Hill
2003 Auburn Lake Trails F/O
Fuel Break
$ back to Title III,
for last year
Title III (10K) for 05 Gene Murphy/Doug Leisz revise WUI map and amend fire plan ALT revised CWPP to include WUI boundary. Work to continue on fuel break after fire season, will submit 2007 Title request to finish fuel break work  
2005 Auburn Lake Trails proposals submitted through ALT POA, other sources of funding unknown 2 Funded under Clearinghouse, will resubmit to other sources of funding Prop 40, BLM &
Title III for
Title III 2006 and BLM grants for defensible space inspections Have requested current projects and input on future funding requirements. ALT Fire Safe and Improvements Council working independent of EDCFSC. Continue communications on status.  
2006 Cool/Pilot Hill form
satellite FSC
    Will meet with Cool/Pilot Hill Advisory Committee 1st week in Dec 2006. Identify issues and concerns, form local FSC as part of Georgetown Divide FSC  
Market Area: 4. El Dorado Hills
2003 EDH/Folsom Lake Fuels Project On-going project with CDF $60K Title III and $140 CDF WUI and In Kind Crew Project completed in 2005, planning Phase 2 CDF & EDHFD Status on Phase 2 unknown
2005 El Dorado Hills FSC Hold public meetings and perhaps community clean-up days, form FSC None   3 meetings held 2006. Not a lot of interest in larger developments, will concentrate efforts in older communities with no infrastructure. Probably separate from Latrobe in 2006/7
2006 El Dorado Hills school projects w/ Girl Scouts Contact Laura Hoisington, working on pub ed campaign in middle school. Also will work with Oak Ridge High School students in developing PSAs as work/study project.need school contact
Market Area: 5. El Dorado/Diamond Springs
2005 Logtown grant submitted to FEMA for evac route work No word as of 6/05. Only prop for EDC, looks optimistic FEMA   Original 2005 FEMA grant not funded. Awaiting pending FEMA funding of $400K winter storm damage to include evac routes work. Perimeter fuel break (Allen Jaeger & Allan Sanford point of contact).
2005 Logtown prop for CAP Submitted to USFS not funded 6/30/05 None Title III 2006 request for block planning grant Combine CAP/CWPP for Logtown (Crystal Blvd) FSC, Gene Murphy contact. Logtown FSC divided into 7 neighborhood groups, will do door-to-door pub ed campaign, def space visitations
2007 Identify projects emanating from CWPP   None Seek funding from BLM and CDF Identify and prioritize areas for fuel breaks on East and West sides of Crystal Blvd and East of Dolomite Drive. Rich Englefield point of contact
2007 Highway 49 corridor Fuels Reduction   None Seek funding and/or commitment from DOT Remove fuels along Highway 49 roadside for 30 feet on each side (or to fence line) from Crystal Blvd. south to Mica Street intersection. Rich Englefield point of contact.
2006 West Sand Ridge/Nashville FSC formation Used Title III Pub Ed funds for mailings & outreach FSC formed, did 3 community clean-up days w/ chipper for roadside clearing. Will continue community clean-up projects, possible tie in with EDC DOT planned work.
2006 West Sand Ridge/Nashville FSC Evac Route clearing Received 2 Prop 40 grants, will resubmit other props in 06/07 Begin work on Evac Route projects, identify other key feeder roads, continue search for funding
2007 West Sandridge Fuels Break None Submit grant request for Prop 40 funding Identify potential large fuels break areas along ridgelines, obtain property owner permissions, and seek funding.
2006 Identify other communities in EDS Fire District, work with Erik Peterson/Rose Continue public education and outreach campaign, target mobile home parks and smaller develoments
Market Area: 6. Georgetown/ Garden Valley
2003 Garden Valley FSC Continue with Def Space visits and work with residents to form local council None Title III 2006 request for block planning grant Held formation meeting 9/2006, will work on defining GV WUI, build on CAP for GV CWPP. Sent newsletter to all residents. Idnetify stakeholders and council members
2003 Volcanoville Public Ed/ Fuels Mgmt Demo site Demo areas completed, final report submitted Title III $15K and $622 from Pub ED funds for signage On-going work for site maintenance required, work with UCD Ag Ext., RCD and FSC Work with EDC DOT on circular route for evacuation, continue to identify means of veg maintenance for roads and demo area. Share lessons learned during Ralston Fire with other FSCs
2004 Kelsey and surrounding areas (Shoe Fly) No action taken None. Combine with Garden Valley & Greenwood   Identify local stakeholders, projects and incorporate into greater Georgetown Divide CWPP
2004 Water Tanks for Volcanoville and Quintette Submitted to Clearinghouse 05, not funded None   Continue to pursue funding source for water tanks, possible FEMA or Sierra Pacific. Incorporate into greater Georgetown Divide CWPP, resubmit proposal through SEDD?
2005 Fire plan (extension of CAP) for Georgetown Submitted to USFS not funded 6/30/05 None   See next item.
2006 Formation of Greater Georgetown Divide area FSC Title III 06
Planning grant
Form Divide FSC to include reps from all local areas, prepare CWPP for the Divide, identify WUI aboundaries and projects
2006 Evacuation Routes / Vegetation Clearing, road improvements Submitted 3 Prop 40 grant request, funded only Spanish Dry Diggins Work with Garden Valley & Georgetown FPD to identify egress/ingress priorities, include in Divide CWPP
Market Area: 7. Latrobe
2006 Foramtion of Latrobe FSC, split off from EDH Title III 06 Pub Ed & Planning grants Held 3 meetings by 9/2006, work on defining WUI boundaries, bring BLM to the table, identify projects
2006 Latrobe Evacuation Route planning/improvements Possible Prop 40 or BLM projects Work with EDCFSC to identify funding sources and partners (FEMA/BLM ?)
2007 Latrobe--Ryan Ranch roadside brush clearing Action item from FSC mtg Will work with EDC Chipping Program to coordinate community clean-up days
Market Area: 8. Mosquito
2003 Mosquito/Swansboro Awarded Prop 40 grant for continuation of Evac route work Approved CDF/Prop 40 through Clearinghouse. Mosquito FSC to define out-year funding needed and sources Continue to work with DOT on road issues, held Evac Drill to identify holes in plan, update Fire Safe plan to CWPP, get review and approval from agencies. Defensible Space visitations for 2007.
Market Area: 9. Placerville
2003 Placerville City Fire Plan As a result of the Fire Plan for Gold Bug, Placerville City Council will review None Will work with City to help obtain planning grant Continue to work with City of Placerville departments, meet with John Driscoll and Steve Youll to get ball rolling, use Title III Planning grant for initial work.
2004 Fire Safe Slides at Signature Theatres in Placerville Use Title III Pub Ed funds and seek other sources   Update using Title III-06 Pub Ed funds On hold for 2006, possibly update with 100' new slides, maybe work with new theatre in EDH
2005 Fire Plan for Gold Bug Park   Donated by Gene Murphy/Doug Leisz None required, to Placerville City Council 10/05 Work with Pat Cook and city departments to identify grant funding for implementing CWPP, possible Prop 40 $$?. Continuing to coordinate moving Baltic Lookout tower to park and pub ed in kiosk.
2006 Texas Hill FSC (outside of city limits, but part of greater Placerville area) FSC forming out of Road Assn., sent newsletter to residents, work to identify projects and public education/outreach
Market Area: 10. Pleasant Valley
2005 Chrome Ridge fuels
treatment project
Received 40K BLM06, identified in CDF 2005 Unit Plan as high priority BLM with Title III, EDC & community match $5K Title III for CEQA documentation and Admin Received partial funding for fuel break on ridge, contract awarded--begin work 9/2006, also received USFS 07 Clearinghouse grant for evac route clearing (fiscal agent SEDD)
2006 Greater Pleasant Valley
area FSC
Hold community meetings to identify partners and stakeholders. Work on evac planning and identifying mutual transportation corridors/"back doors".
Market Area: 11. Pollock Pines/ Camino
2003 Sly Park corridor to
become greater Pollock
Pines Area FSC
Contract awarded develop plan, forming local FSC, identified in CDF 2005 Unit Plan as High Priority USFS grant $17K plus $10.4 local/ EDCFSC match Work with CDF SPI, EID to identify future fuels treatment projects Work on establishing areas/neighborhoods for outreach, bring all partners to the table to address evac procedures, community clean-up projects and fuels reduction. Area CWPP using Title III funds. CERT team training
2003 White Meadows planning No action to date. Will continue to work with residents No funding source identified 2005 Will work with USFS for future projects No change in status, continue to work with USFS in identifying fire safe projects, evacuation procedures.
2006 Camino/Apple Hill Use CAP for Camino as starting point, work with Apple Hill Assns to determine interest, evac plan during tourist season, other concerns
Market Area: 12. Shingle Springs/ Cameron Park
2003 Cameron Park
Received 40K of 05 Title III funds. Project scoped and will be completed June 2006 Total Title III funds $115K with $266K CDF WUI grants and Crew In-kind Received $25K Title III for FSC Ops/CWPP/Risk Hazard Assmt Continue to work on CSD Weed Abatement, will submit proposal for Title III 07 funding to continue program, possibly expand home visitations to CP
2006 Pine Hill Preserve Work with BLM on fuels reduction on preserve, identify funding sources and partners
2006 Rancheria Make contact with Rancheria, identify possible fuels reduction projects and pub ed/ community outreach, maybe local FSC
2005 Rescue FSC Continue with Def Space visits and work with residents to form local council None   Held formation meeting 9/2006, work to identify stakeholders and contact road associations. Also, identify evac routes and road projects for possible CDF Prop 40 funding. Start home visitation program in 2007 through Fire District
Market Area: 13. Somerset/ Fairplay
2005 Outingdale Community Action Plan Community needs help, form a FSC and find funding for CAP None Title III 2006 request for block planning grant Form a satellite FSC of Outingdale and East Sand Ridge Road. Work with Pioneer FPD to establish home visitation program and evac planning, organize community clean-up days, identify possible fuels reduction /road clearance projects.
2005 Sand Ridge Rd Identified in CDF 2005 Unit Plan as High Priority for fuels reduction, divide into east and west? None Work with partners to define community boundries and begin public ed See above item.
2007 Showcase CSD/John Dymek road clearing assistance Referred by Chief Signor, seeking help on roadside evac clearing, possible fuel break location, work with CDF & USFS
Market Area: 14. Tahoe Basin == projects reported through the Tahoe Basin Fire Safe Council



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