El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
March 23, 2005
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
USFS/ENF Work Center, 2350 Carson Rd., Camino

The meeting was called to order by Vicki Yorty, Executive Coordinator, at approximately 1:00 p.m. Persons present were: Julie Austin, Maria Capraun, Bill and Claire Cave, Rich Englefield (Treasurer), Ray Griffiths (Director), Penny Humphreys, Allen Jaeger, Bill Knoop, Bob Krieg, Tad Mason, Frank Mosbacher, Gene Murphy, Len Newell (Director), Jana Newman (Vegetation Mgmt Coordinator), Fred Ott, Ed and Audrey Pomato, Walt Tyler (Secretary), Chris Waters, Patrick McDaniel, Denice Rice, Ben Scott, Clare Clement, Tom Mahach (Acting Chair), Tony Valdes.

A motion was proposed by Len Newell to approve the agenda as submitted. Second by Claire Cave. Approved by all present.

A motion was proposed by Rich Englefield to approve the Minutes of the EDCFSC February 23, 2005 meeting as submitted. Second by Len Newell. Approved by all present.

Rich Englefield gave the Treasurer's Report. He stated that the report was not available for this meeting but would be available at the next meeting. The auditor has submitted a list of documents and other statements that she will need to perform the audit. Rich is coordinating. He stated during his Internet Report that there have been over 900 visits to our site so far this month and he expects over 1000 visits during the month. Interest has been shown with maps and the Chipper Form processing is working well. He will have minutes and other EDCFSC documents posted within a few days.

Tom Mahach gave an overview of the 3-16-05 EDCFSC BOD meeting. The printing contract for 50 copies of the Wildfire Protection Plan was approved for Sierra Gold Graphics, Inc. A disclaimer was approved for the web site. Frequency of audit was discussed. No specific frequency has been determined. Chris Waters (CDF) described measures taken to protect residents with allergies and/or illnesses from smoke during waste burning. This includes pre-notification and possible temporary housing. Tom briefly described input of Registered Professional Forester (RPF) as related to General Plan Policies. The BOD had questioned who would administer the CWPP for Grizzly Flats. It was noted that Grizzly Flats has a CAP. The CAP for Sly Park should easy to follow. The EDCFSC BOD will make the final selection of contractors.

Vicki Yorty reported that she had attended a meeting at Murphy with the Fire Wise Community group. A tour of the community was included which is part of the assessment process. The information is then reviewed noting problems and what can be done to correct. No funds will be received for the work but the community will be recognized as having gone through the process. She is considering the communities of Mosquito, Grizzly Flats, and Auburn Lake Trails to be reviewed. The information may be useful for future grant requests. Bill Cave stated that he believes that residents of a Fire Wise Community could eventually benefit from insurance premiums. Fred Ott added that insurance companies currently use ISO ratings, availability and proximity of fire hydrants, and zip codes as basis for structure insurance. His company (State Farm) does not use ISO ratings, uses zip codes and information within. He is limited to a 15-mile radius from a firehouse. Vicki stated that she would submit the RFPs for Grizzly Flats and Sly Park on 3-25-05 to be returned by 4-22-05. She agreed that member(s) of the GFFSC should be identified and involved with the CWPP. This would include community meetings. The role of the members needs to be clarified. Grant awards to Chipping Program, Auburn Lake Trails, and Chrome Ridge were reviewed. Vicki is optimistic about funding for the Chipping Program. A notice has been placed on the web site advising that the Senior Assistance and Disabled services are not available at this time. Jana Newman added that 2500 Green Waste Vouchers were being purchased to be distributed at Georgetown, through the Divide, and Grizzly Flats. The vouchers will allow for three cubic yards of green waste to be disposed of free at the local dumpsite. Vicki is planning to staff the office at Camino Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings. Volunteers are needed. Biomass and formation of a committee were discussed. Funding may become available for development of a county plan. It is foreseeable that interest in biomass conversion will increase during the future. Production of energy is current interest. Cost of start up and transportation of useable matter is very expensive. Biomass will continue to be a topic of interest. Chris Waters explained that defensible space clearing for State Parks along side Folsom Lake was not "landscaping" for homeowners. It was done to eliminate combustible materials from public property that threatened adjacent residences.

Tony Valdes( USFS) and Frank Mosbacher (USFS) presented information of the Fireshed Assessment process which will be used across the forest to define hazardous fuel treatment opportunities. The entire forest cannot be treated but strategies can be developed for treatment of specific areas to redirect and control wildfires. The process includes collaborative efforts with agencies and private landowners. Public insight is invited but final decisions will be with USDF or the controlling agency. Collaboration has not been completely defined. Models have been developed but may not be appropriate for all areas. Diversity of vegetation is a challenge. Efforts are for a five-year action plan. Treatment of areas changes as vegetation increases. Expectation is to treat about 12,000 acres per year. Timber harvest plans on private property are a consideration of the treatment process. Frank invited general comments regarding implementing the process. Public involvement during planning stages of process would be desirable instead of presenting final plan to public for implementation. Collaborative efforts would be desirable.

The meeting closed at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, EDCFSC Secretary