Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
May 18, 2005
Gold Hill Fire Station
10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 10:00a.m. by Walt Tyler, BOD Secretary. Directors and guests present were: Mary Cornelison, Janet Gastaldi, Ray Griffiths, Richard Englefield (Treasurer), Joan Jennings, Len Newell, Lori Tuthill, Allen Jaeger (Guest), Penny Humphries (Guest).

It was proposed that a letter of resignation from Tom Mahach, Acting Chair, added to agenda under New Business. Mary Cornelison proposed a motion to approve the agenda with the addition. Second by Joan Jennings. Approved by all present.

Rich Englefield proposed a motion to approve the minutes of 4-20-05 and 5-4-05 as submitted. Second by Janet Gastaldi. Approved by all present.

Rich Englefield gave the Treasurer's report. The final review of the bookkeeper was not available since he was out of town. Rich produced latest available figures. He advised the BOD that he no longer had room for the EDCFSC computer but would continue to use the lap top. He plans to get a hard drive and use it with his PC. This will release the council computer for other use. He asked for approval to purchase the hard drive for $215.49. Any rebate will be returned to EDCFSC. A motion was proposed by Joan Jennings to reimburse Rich Englefield the sum of $215.49 for the purchase of the hard drive. Second by Janet Gastaldi. Approved by all present.

Rich presented information regarding the purchase of GPS equipment. It will be used to identify specific locations of information necessary when presenting requests for proposed funding. He believes that the information this equipment can provide will be required for future proposals.

A motion was proposed by Len Newell to direct Rich Englefield to purchase the GPS equipment at a cost not to exceed $700.00. Second by Ray Griffiths. Approved by all present.

Rich attempted to contact the Auditor prior to the meeting but she was not available. He has maintained contact weekly and advised that everything is going well with the audit and it should be completed soon.

An update of web site activities was presented by Rich. Public use continues to increase.

Executive Coordinator's report was reviewed. Vicki plans to attend the Council meeting.

Scott Vale, Allen Jaeger, and Penny Humphries have indicated an interest to become a Director of the EDCFSC. Len Newell explained that Scott Vale would rather not become a Director at this time but could reconsider at a later date. Allen and Penny currently desire to serve as Directors. Mary Cornelison proposed a motion to approve Allen Jaeger and Penny Humphries to become Directors of the EDCFSC BOD. Second by Len Newell. Approved by all present.

Rich Englefield, Lori Tuthill and Len Newell volunteered to serve on the Nomination Committee to nominate four Directors to serve as officers of the EDCFSC BOD during the upcoming year. Election will take place during the June 2005 EDCFSC BOD meeting.

There was some discussion regarding terms of office of Directors and Officers. The Bylaws are confusing but appear to limit the length of term of the four officers. Refer to Vicki for interpretation. Lori requested that persons attending the EDCFSC meeting be invited to recommend and nominate members to be Directors and committee members. Rich suggested that all FSC local organizations have Director representation.

Mary complemented the content and attendance of the EDCFSC meeting held at Mosquito. Len described community activities and participation.

The letter of resignation from Tom Mahach was reviewed. The Directors were reluctant to see Tom leave but believe he will return after completing his CAP contract obligation. It was recommended that a letter of appreciation for his services be composed by Vicki and signed by members of the BOD. Ray Griffiths proposed a motion to accept the resignation of Tom Mahach, Acting Chair, EDCFSC and a letter of appreciation be forwarded to Tom. Second by Janet Gastaldi. Approved by all present.

Ray Griffiths requested that "Director's Comments" be added to future agendas immediately before "Adjourn." This would provide for all Directors to comment on issues not listed on the agenda. Walt suggested that "Public or Guest Comments" be added to the agenda following "Approval of the Agenda" to provide for public input. Recommend that public comments be limited to three minutes each.

Ray requested that Vicki print a copy of a guide to the CWPP for him. He does not want to print it from his computer because of length (approx. 20 + pages). Ray presented information regarding the amount of pounds of particles produced in smoke from wild fires as compared to controlled methods of burning. Controlled burning, pile burns, and biomass smoke had significantly less pounds of smoke particles than wildfires according to the study.

Len Newell proposed a motion to form a committee to review and establish operating procedures (manual) for the BOD and a review of the bylaws of the EDCFSC. Second by Lori Tuthill. Approved by all present. Allen Jaeger volunteered to Chair the committee. Joan Jennings and Mary Cornelison agreed to be committee members. It was suggested that Council members be invited to participate.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15a.m.

Submitted by: Walt Tyler, Secretary, EDCFSC