El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
June 22, 2005
Gold Oak Fire Station
1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Vicki Yorty, Executive Coordinator, at 1:00 p.m. Guests and members present were: Richard Englefield (Treasurer), Penny Humphries (Chairperson), Mary Cornelison (Director), Joan Jennings (Director), Jim Stewart, Mary Monerti, Judy Armstrong, Fred Ott, Bob Krieg, Ray Griffiths (Director), Teri Mizuhara, Claire and Bill Cave, Jennifer Boyd, Gene Murphy, Tom Mahach , Bob Smart, Walt Tyler, Bill Knopp, Allen Jaeger(Director).

Vicki reported that the Chipper Program is going well and requests are expected to increase.

Teri provided copies of a letter by Bill Holmes, Unit Chief, Amador-El Dorado Unit CDF, describing, "enforce, educate and inform" regarding PRC 4291. Information will also be provided to insurance companies. It is expected that burning permits will be closed down soon. No additional information regarding Prop. 40 but Claire Cave added that contracts were being recognized.

Jennifer reported that Freds Fire project should start this summer. Progress of the Fire Analysis project is continuing providing information for strategic placement of fuel treatments. Information will eventually be available on line.

Gene reported progress at the Gold Bug Park. A crew of 17 from USDF was available. The well-organized and equipped crew completed 4-5 days work. Excellent job! Vicki will coordinate the chipper work. Gene has volunteered to assist in the development of a Fire Safe Plan. The brush and other uncontrolled vegetation within the 61-acre park is a serious fire threat to the residences surrounding the park.

Tom described progress of the CAP for Sly Park Corridor. He has scheduled multiple meetings with residents and concerned persons and is optimistic of being able to provide a functional and realistic CAP.

Bob Smart reported that the process to complete the Grizzly Flats CWPP has been started. He briefly reviewed the recent meeting regarding landowner's stewardship and advised any one with acreage to attend future meetings.

Walt described a recent discussion with the 4-H Community Leader for Grizzly Flats and the possibility that the 4-H group could become involved with clearing defensible space around homes of senior and/or disabled residents in the area. The 4-H group needs Community Service credits and this would serve their need. This will be discussed at the GFFSC meeting.

Bob Krieg asked for a schedule of community up coming events at Grizzly Flats. Events planned are: (Fridays at Pioneer station 35, 6:00 p.m.) 7-1 Chicken BBQ, 7-8 Burger Night, 7-15 Burger Night-Ice Cream Party, 7-22 Spaghetti Feed, 7-29 Burger Night, 8-5 Burger Night, 8-12 Burger Night, 8-19 Burger Night, 8-26 Pork Pit BBQ. A special GFFSC fund raising BBQ will be held at the Bush residence July 30.

Bill Cave described his recent accident involving his tractor. All were glad to see him back and active.

Fred Ott explained that having a fire hydrant close to your house would not necessarily reduce your homeowner's insurance. Roof material, siding, defensive space vegetation clearing, are some of the primary concerns.

Mary described a recent meeting of Georgetown area when medical insurance for family emergencies was presented. She added that a training exercise for emergency responses due to a major fire is being planned.

Submitted by: Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC