Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
August 17, 2005
Gold Hill Fire Station
10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 10:00a.m. by Ray Griffith, Vice Chairperson. Members present were: Allen Jaeger, Lori Tuthill, Mary Cornelison, Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator), Janet Gastaldi, Jim Stewart, Bill Cave, Gene Murphy, Claire Cave, Walt Tyler.

Lori Tuthill proposed a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Second by Mary Cornelison. Approved by all present.

Jim Stewart proposed a motion to approve the minutes for the 5-15-05 BOD meeting be approved as submitted. Ray Griffith noted a spelling error of his name. Error corrected. Second by Allen Jaeger with correction noted. Approved by all present.

Gene Murphy presented a complete and lengthy overview of the Gold Bug Park Draft Fire Safe Plan that is being completed by Gene and Doug Leisz. There have been meetings with Placerville Parks and Recreation representatives and Placerville City Council. All are supportive. Preparation of the plan is being done at no cost to Placerville. The draft plan includes maps of vegetation, roads, trails, residences, landmarks, and adjacent residences. The park has the potential for a catastrophic fire, which would include a major portion of Placerville. A procedure for reduction of vegetative materials to provide fire safe and defensible areas within the park is described. The completed plan when approved by the Placerville City Council could be used as a basis to apply for funding to reduce the excessive vegetation. All present agreed to support the efforts by Gene and Doug. A motion was proposed by Lori Tuthill for the EDCFSC to support Gene and Doug to continue with step number two of the Gold Bug Park Fire Safe Plan including approval by Placerville City Council and the Fire Marshal. Second by Jim Stewart. Approved by all present. Gene and Doug are complemented for their extensive voluntary efforts and time with this project.

Gene also described the results of a meeting with Auburn Lake Trails and BLM representatives concerning the current fire safe plan and proposed conversion to a CWPP. He advised that this could be done easily and maps would show necessary boundaries. Gene and Doug Leisz will complete necessary changes voluntarily.

Vicki presented the Treasurer's report. All financial areas are in order. Taxes are completed and filed. Copies of records were made available. The auditor has requested that besides a check register being maintained that a check back up be available for cross reference. Vicki is doing this. The auditor has suggested that Vicki look into establishing a line of credit with the bank due to the occasional need to pay bills before funds are received. The BOD agreed that Vicki should explore establishing a line of credit and securing a credit card for routine expenses for which she currently receives reimbursement. She will report back to the BOD limits of credit and procedures of use.

Vicki gave her Executive Coordinator's report. Chipping program has increased due to seasonal weather changes. There is approximately $62,000 remaining in the Chipping fund. Chipping vacant lot material is a concern. The program was initiated to service developed residential lots. A concern is the small developed 1/4 acre lot adjacent to a vacant lot. The intent is not to clear large multiple acre undeveloped lots. Time limits and fee charges were suggested. Vicki will explore and bring back suggestions to BOD. Vicki presented with her Strategic Planning update suggestions for development of Fire Safe Councils through out the outlying areas that would be coordinated through a "Regional" Fire Safe Council. USFS has completed 1st draft of project map to show planning. Calendars are on web site but can't be down loaded. They will be sold at $2.00 ea. She reported on a meeting that was held on 8/15 regarding the CDF Last Chance grant for fuel reduction in the Grizzly Flats area. The grant is in place and will not be redesignated. The grant has been extended to February 2007. Vicki told the BOD that she has been advised by Cathy Hardy, USFS, that attendance at a conference in Missoula MO in October regarding biomass use would be beneficial to EDCFSC future planning. Vicki asked the BOD to approve her attendance and related expenses. Total expenses are estimated to be less than $600.00. Lori Tuthill proposed a motion to approve Vicki's attendance at the October '05 conference at Missoula MO and related expenses. Second by Mary Cornelison. Approved by all present.

Allen Jaeger reported on progress of the revision of the Bylaws. Proposed changes were explained. He asked all BOD members to submit recommendations for changes soon as he plans to submit a final draft for approval at the October meeting.

Submitted by: Walt Tyler, Secretary, EDCFSC