El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
May 24, 2006
Diamond Springs/El Dorado Firefighters Hall
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:00 a.m. by Penny Humphrey, Chairperson. Directors present were: Walt Tyler(Secretary), Joan Jennings (Treasurer), Ray Griffiths (Vice Chair), Jim Stewart, Allen Jaeger, Rich Englefield, Janet Gastaldi, Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator).

A motion was proposed by Allen Jaeger to approve the agenda as submitted. Second by Joan Jennings. Approved by all present.

A motion was proposed by Joan Jennings to approve the minutes of 4-26-06 as submitted. Second by Allen Jaeger. Approved by all present.

Joan Jennings reported that she is getting the Treasurer information together and submitted current reports for review. She is still transitioning with Rich and all is going well.

Rich reported that he is working to get the Firehawk camera connected to be available on our EDCFSC web site. He needs to purchase a video server. The cost is $592.99. The BOD had previously approved $600.00 to purchase materials for the hook up. He is working with Direct Connect to transmit the signals. Rich advised that he might need some software to go with the video server. Jim Stewart proposed a motion to add $300.00 to the $600.00 previously approved to cover expenses for equipment/materials necessary to connect the camera transmission to our web site. Second by Ray Griffiths. Approved by all present.

Vicki reported that the USFS Regional Foresters would be touring in El Dorado County during June at the Last Chance fuel project. The tour is scheduled for June 28th, which is our regular scheduled meeting date. Vicki requested that we schedule our BOD and Council meetings for the 21st. Ray Griffiths proposed a motion to move the EDCFSC and BOD meetings from June 28, 2006 to June 21, 2006. Second by Allen Jaeger. Approved by all present.

Vicki advised that the Farm Day was successful. Lots of 8-year-old kids were there. The EDC Fair starts 6-15-06 and volunteers are needed for the booths. A mock evacuation is planned for Mosquito June 17th. The Defensible Space mailer should be available before the fair starts. Copies of the Advisory Consultation form are available. A meeting is planned for June 7th to develop a Fire Safe Council within El Dorado Hills.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC