November 11, 2004

To: El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

The November 17th, 2003 meeting of the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council will not be a regular monthly business meeting of the Council. This meeting is our annual Strategic Planning Meeting. I have attached to the announcement email, the updated Strategic Planning Project Matrix. I added a new column for 2005 Proposed Actions. The items are not in priority order, but documented for the record in the order in which they were discussed. I have also included some projects that were implemented with Council approval in 2004 but not included in the list.

During the November 10th meeting of the Fire Safe Council Board of Directors, the El Dorado County Wildfire Protection Plan (EDCWPP) was formally adopted by the Board. This document represents a long year of very hard work on the part of the Fire Plan Committee and many other stakeholders. I would particularly like to express my appreciation to Gene Murphy who chaired the committee and to Doug Leisz and Dick Harrell (both Registered Professional Foresters), Jose Crummett (EDC GIS Manager), Jennifer Boyd (USFS/ENF) and Chris Waters (CDF/Amador El Dorado Unit) for their dedication to this project.

Our EDCWPP is a very dynamic document, has been put together in a 3-ring binder to facilitate updates, and will be the guiding tool for the Council in our strategic planning over the coming years. We intend to have a minimum of two Strategic Planning meetings throughout the year to update the EDCWPP with current project status and funding. The Fall meeting has been scheduled to coincide with the federal call for proposals, usually sometime during January. And a Spring meeting will be held to likewise address State and Local budgeting and funding requirements. These will both be very important meetings-the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council is your vehicle to represent your community, agency, business, or simply as an individual. One of the reasons our Council is so dynamic is that we are growing exponentially in our vision. Membership (interested individuals who have attended Council meetings or expressed an interest in being included in our email network) continues to grow at an amazing pace as does the attendance at our meetings. New people mean new areas of focus for our community outreach and identification of new programs to assist residents in making their homes and neighborhoods more fire safe.

If you are unable to attend the meeting on Wednesday November 17th, please take a moment to review the attached project matrix and email me corrections or proposed additions for the Council to consider. I realize that many of you are not able to attend our meetings, but your input is critical to our strategic planning. The strength of our Council is because of the proactive involvement of our members.
Thank you in advance for your continuing support. I will prepare a year-end 2004 summary of all our programs and funding and report on the results of the Strategic Planning meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicki Yorty
Executive Coordinator
El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

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