El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
September 27, 2006
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Gold Hill Fire Station, 6051 Gold Hill Road


The meeting was called to order by Penny Humphreys, Chair, at approximately 11:00 a.m. Directors present were: Ray Griffiths (Vice Chair), Jim Stewart, Allen Jaeger, Rich Englefield, Joan Jennings (Treasurer), Mary Cornelison, Bill Cave, Lori Tuthill, Janet Gastaldi, Walt Tyler (Secretary), Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator).

Mary Cornelison proposed a motion to approve the agenda with addition of web site. Second by Allen Jaeger. Approved by all present.

Ray Griffiths proposed a motion to approve the 7-26-06 EDCFSC BOD minutes as submitted. Second by Jim Stewart. Approved by all present.

Joan Jennings passed around a handout explaining current financial status. Everything is up to date.

Vicki advised that she has help in the EDCFSC office. Her name is Char Millar. She is a college student and an excellent helper. Copies of the BOD Manual have been completed and were distributed. Vicki also advised that the insurance premium has almost doubled since last year. She believes that the company may have made a mistake. She will research and advise. Vicki discussed the project review and explained that it is our map for the up coming year proposals. Rich added information of a BLM web site containing land management information. Vicki believes that emphasis should be directed toward the private sector for project funding due to the uncertainty of Title III and other public funding. Discussion continued regarding the excessive amount of funding for fire suppression and the limited funding for fire prevention.

Vicki advised that there is approximately $42,000 available in the Chipping Program. Should last through November. Funding should be available to start again during March '07. She has received $57,000+ for air quality services not including groundwork. Jana is developing a revised newsletter to be available in spring. Chipper costs so far this year have been approximately $60,000 for groundwork. The approximately $42,000 is available for groundwork. Current air quality funds will be used for dumpsters, education, and associated expenses. There will be $100,000 BLM funds available for '07-'08 for chipping groundwork. Calendars should be available before the Home and Garden show. The cost was $.83 each. Vicki continues to seek funds for the Senior and Disabled Assistance Program. Volunteers are needed for the Home and Garden show 10-7 and 10-8.

Ray advised that he had reviewed a report critical of CWPPs since they apparently do not set specific priorities. Rich indicated that he and others have recently been interviewed by a research team regarding CWPPs and other issues.

Rich advise that he had been advised by CDF that the Growlersberg crew and possibly the Pine Grove crew would not be doing work on private properties in the future.

Rich stated that the USFS and CDF fire information has diminished on the web during the last year. He is not getting specific information regarding fire location, size, and projections. The installation of the fire camera is not looking good. CDF will not allow the antenna to be located on the tower at Camino. The issues are still in the talking stage but it appears to be a typical bureaucratic decision process.

Vicki proposed that the EDCFSC members consider having a meeting scheduled for appreciation of their efforts. Date and location to be discussed at a later meeting.

Lori questioned if it was appropriate for a person to sell a video for profit when the video was produced by public grant funds. It was agreed that the sale funds should be returned to the grant fund and not retained for profit.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:00 NOON.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC