El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
October 25, 2006
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Gold Hill Fire Station, 6051 Gold Hill Road


The meeting was called to order by Ray Griffiths, Vice Chair, at approximately 11:00 a.m. Directors and guests present were: Walt Tyler (Secretary), Allen Jaeger, Joan Jennings (Treasurer), Janet Gastaldi, Mary Cornelison, Jim Stewart, Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator).

Walt Tyler requested Directors Comments be added to the agenda. Jim Stewart proposed a motion to approve the agenda as submitted with the addition of Directors Comments as item 8. Adjourn will be item 9. Second by Joan Jennings. Approved by all present.

Allen Jaeger proposed a motion to approve the minutes for the 9-27-06 EDCFSC BOD meeting as submitted. Second by Jim Stewart. Approved by all present.

Joan Jennings submitted a current review of finances. The tax-exempt status has been approved. The $57,000+ from El Dorado County has not been received and delay is typical of grant funding. Our finances are OK.

A motion was proposed by Allen Jaeger that future agendas include item Directors Comments to be scheduled as last item prior to Adjourn. Second by Walt Tyler. Approved by all present.

During a brief delay before the Executive coordinator's report, Walt Tyler briefly explained and read a prepared statement by Pioneer Fire Chief Bob Signor regarding a personnel issue within Pioneer Fire Protection administration. The prepared statement is public information within the minutes of the PFD BOD meeting of 10-10-06. The statement involves rumors and false accusations as result of presumptions.

Vicki explained that recommendations from the previous audit have been implemented. She recommends a '05 - '06 only audit. Cost will be approximately $2900. She advised that she has received information from IRS that our supporting schedule has been received and our 501( c) status will continue indefinitely. Joan Jennings proposed a motion to proceed with the 2005 - 2006 audit with Jeanine Mays, CPA. Second by Mary Cornelison. Approved by all present. The Audit Engagement agreement was signed.

City of Placerville has agreed to partial funding of proposals made by Gene Murphy within the CAP for Gold Bug Park. Allen Jaeger advised that he has been advised by CDF staff that CDF Prop. 40 funds will no longer be available for right of way clearing. Emphasis will be on firebreaks located on ridge tops and other areas where major fires can be stopped. Proposals for routes can still be submitted and will be looked at. CDF is looking into various means to maintain elimination of vegetation after the initial clearing is completed and maintenance will be included within future grant proposals.

Vicki explained that she had not submitted the vouchers to EDC because she had assumed that the $57,000+ funds from Air Quality approved by the EDCBOS would be available before now. However, the BOS only approved how the funds would be distributed. Contract must be completed, submitted to Air Quality for approval and forwarded to BOS for approval before funds can be received. Funds may be available during Dec. '06.

The $235,000 grant for evacuation route clearing at Grizzly Flats has been approved six months earlier than expected. Vicki will get the contract to the State Fire Safe Council.

Vicki has reserved the Community Center at Pollock Pines for December 8, 2006, Friday evening, for a potluck appreciation get together of Fire Safe Council members and supporters.

Vicki briefly previewed her presentation that will be given at a conference at Denver, Colorado during first week of November.

Calendars are available. Approximately 4,000 have been sold to help cover costs of printing.

Next meeting of EDCFSC BOD will be November 15, 2006 at the Gold Hill Fire Station.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC