El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
October 25, 2006
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Gold Hill Fire Station, 6051 Gold Hill Road


The meeting was called to order by Vicki Yorty, Executive Coordinator, at approximately 1:00 p.m. Members and guests present were: Jim Stewart (Director), Mary Cornelison (Director), Ray Griffiths (Vice Chair), Walt Tyler (Secretary), Allen Jaeger (Director), Graciela Hinshaw, Bill Robinson, Bob Berry, Audrey Pomato, Ed Pomato, Rich Englefield (Director), Barbara Rebiskie.

Vicki introduced Graciela Hinshaw representing U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Pine Hill Preserve.

Ray Griffiths proposed a motion to approve the agenda as submitted, Second by Allen Jaeger. Approved by all present.

Ray Griffiths proposed a motion to approve the EDCFSC 9-27-06 minutes as submitted. Second by Mary Cornelison. Approved by all present.

Vicki passed out copies of the financial report. She has not presented vouchers to EDC due to pending receipt of expected Air Quality funds. We are financially sound but receipt of grant funds is not always predictable. IRS has advised EDCFSC that our 501 ( c) status has been approved and will continue indefinitely provided appropriate paper work is submitted and approved. The grant funds for the Grizzly Flats project have been approved and are available ahead of schedule. Vicki will submit paper work.

Rich reported that our web site is getting hits from all over the world. The web site has moved into 2nd place below the State web site. Hits have steadily increased.

Ray gave a report of the results of the EDCFSC BOD meeting held earlier. (See minutes)

Graciela Hinshaw gave an overview of her position responsibilities and some of the projects and activities currently within BLM. She is involved in a variety of projects and studies with goals directed towards use and preservation of public lands under the control of BLM. She supports cooperative efforts by other agencies.

Barbara Rebiskie advised that fire restrictions are coming off Thursday the 26th. Crews will start burning small burn piles and putting fires out completely before end of shift. Fire season is still on and a major threat is unattended campfires.

Bob Berry stated that his department might be getting some new photos to be used for mapping.

Mary Cornelison gave a brief review of "after the Ralston Fire." A meeting has been held and persons with concerns were invited to speak up. No one came forward. She reminded everyone who initiates a phone tree to use a simple statement and write it down. Have each contacted person write it down and repeat the message to the caller.

Ray Griffiths reported on the progress of the installation of antennas in the Georgetown area. He is involved with updating the CWPP for Georgetown.

Walt Tyler advised of the progress made by Pioneer Fire District giving fire safety presentations to the Pioneer School District students. Grizzly Flats CERT volunteers participated with the presentations. GFFSC, CERT, and PFPD are all working together to provide fire safety and defensible space. Defensible space demonstration lots need a professional opinion to verify if volunteers are clearing correctly to meet contract requirements. Defensible space visitations have started and will continue weather permitting.

Allen Jaeger described some of the difficulties encountered regarding contracts for route clearing in Sandridge area. A compromise was reached and the work will start. Emergency evacuation packets are being put together for the Log Town area. People at MORE Workshop have volunteered to put the packets together as a community service project.

Vicki reported on meetings she has attended to provide support developing fire safe councils. She is optimistic and believes that continued educational efforts will eventually bring success.

Jim Stewart described the meeting recently held at Latrobe and emphasized the need to clear roads and develop defensible space. He does not believe that El Dorado Hills residents have any interest in developing a fire safe council.

Bill Robinson reported on the grant-funded progress in the Chrome Ridge area. Progress is being made but it is difficult to get people out and involved.

Ed and Audrey Pomato reported that Outingdale is making progress. Dumpsters for green waste have helped. Plans are being made for more clean up dumpsters.

Rich reported that he and Gene Murphy will meet and survey Crystal Blvd.

Vicki reported that the meeting she attended with USFS went well. Of primary interest was discussion of various means to remove from forestlands and use green waste. Home and Garden Show went well. We should start planning on how to complete defensive space visitations by next year. Suggested that large areas be broken down into small manageable units.

Walt briefly described CERT involvement with Pioneer Fire Protection District. CERT volunteers are now providing limited emergency support to the firemen.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC