El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
January 24, 2007, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Firefighter Hall, Diamond Springs


The meeting was called to order by Vicki Yorty, Executive Coordinator, at approximately 1:00 p.m. The following members and guests attended: Bob Berry, Barry Callenberger, Maria Capraun, Jim Clark, Mary Cornelison, Mark Egbert, Walt Graves, Duane Nelson, Penny Humphreys, Allen Jaeger, Joan Jennings, Gene Murphy, Ed and Audrey Pomato, Barbara Rebiskie, Bill Robinson, Bob Signor, Bob Smart, Jim Stewart, Walt Tyler, Wendy West, Linda Szczepanik, Bill Brandt, C. Stone, Greb Schwab, Rose Taylor, David Javamillo, Becky Oliver, Pat Cook, Tom Mahach, Gary Baldock, Steve DeBenedet, Patrick McDaniel, Tobie Edmonds, Ted Schmidt, Bernie Morton, Kathy Ince, Winnie and Robert Neill, Gene and Dona Coodey, Wil Stillens, Gianni Muschetto, Chris Fischer, Linda Colombo, Anthony Scaroisa, Mike Reeves, Guy Barritt, Bryant Pace, Char Millar, Debbie Rood, Andray Paye, Teri Mizuhara, Cathy Koos Boeaseal.

Vicki started the meeting with introductions of the EDCFSC BOD, and Jana Newman, Project Coordinator, and Char Millar, Executive Assistant.

Jennifer Boyd made USFS introductions. She reported that 74 fires occurred on USFS land. About 70% of the fires were human caused. She predicts a busy summer ahead. About 2,000 acres were controlled burn last year including pile burning. Forest treatment projects are being finalized for presentation to the public. Barbara added that patrol and law enforcement personnel are being added which should help reduce fires started by humans. Inspections of about 50% of the homes on Forestland were completed. Terri and Barbara are still working on the Baltic Lookout project (4th year). Firefighters who died last year were protecting homes. Residents must understand that Firefighters will not be sent into life threatening situations. It is up to homeowners to create and maintain defensible space. The recent 52-mile walk resulted with over $70,000 donations. The emphasis was funding for families of the Hot Shots who were killed last year defending homes.

Allen Jaeger reported that Logtown is developing a CWPP. He is meeting with BLM representatives to encourage BLM participation in grant proposals since a large amount of land adjacent to private property in the Logtown area is controlled by BLM.

Tobie Edmonds explained that volunteers for the Fire Prevention Program are needed. He complemented Char Millar for the excellent assistance she has provided. She has recruited for the Fire Prevention Program and does outstanding work.

Patrick McDaniel reported on Prop. 40 grants. He described programs available through Prop. 40. The Community Assistance program is designed for large multiple property ownership projects. He described several projects that are being planned or pending including one involving Gold Bug Park. The focus for project approval will be on large projects.

Gianni Muschetto described updating fire hazard maps. They should be available by 2008. New WUI building standards are scheduled to go into effect 1-1-08. It is proposed that houses should be defensible on their own and includes new requirements to build homes.

Teri Mizuhara advised that the emphasis for this year would be senior fire safety.

Wendy West described up coming workshops through the University of California.

Bob Berry reported that the fly over for the new maps hasn't happened yet.

Ted Schmidt reported on projects in the Garden Valley area. He has applied for a grant to provide street signs.

Rich Englefield introduced Guy Barrett who gave a presentation describing an EID project to provide GPS maps to fire departments for the locations of fire hydrants. The first maps will be for El Dorado Fire, Cameron Park, and Diamond/Eldorado.

Kathy Ince described disaster preparedness efforts by the Red Cross. An emphasis will be through education of youth using older children as models.

Pat Cook reported on the progress being made for Gold Bug Park. She thanked Gene Murphy and Doug Leitz for their efforts and contributions. Thousands of children go through the park every year and it is very important that the park become fire safe. It is possible that Prop. 40 funds can be secured for the project to remove vegetation and create a fire safe environment.

Linda Szczepanik described classes available to the public on fire prevention and management at Garden Valley. Volunteers are advising residents of the new 100 ft. defensible space requirements. A significant problem exists with residents not complying with the requirements of the defensible space. Structure fires can be avoided if defensible space is maintained.

Jana Newman reported on the newsletter and information available on the web site. Grant money is available for dumpsters to use for community cleanup. This is an ongoing program and can be used for individual streets or whole communities. Green waste vouchers are still available and can be requested through the web site. Folders and classes are available for defensible space advice volunteers. Home and Garden show will be last weekend in April.

Cathy Boeazeal described up coming events in Amador County regarding fire safe practices and education. She stated that her FSC has received a Senior Assistance grant.

Bob Smart described some of the current problems regarding preservation of oak trees within El Dorado County.

Becky Oliver described some of the functions of Noahs Wish.

Mary Cornelison described some of the community members' activities during the large fire last year. Phone tree experiences were beneficial. Red flag day warnings are being observed. She referred to the recent theft of street signs within Volcanoville and the Wentworth Springs area. The loss of the signs has created a significant problem for emergency response agencies.

Joan Jennings described activities of the Garden Valley FSC.

Audry Paye complemented Gene Murphy for his assistance and referred to activities in Cameron Park.

Audrey Pomato advised that efforts are being made to form a Sandridge/Outingdale FSC instead of two independent councils.

Bill Brandt reported that work on grant applications continues in Auburn Lake Trails.

Bill Robinson described the location and vegetation problems in the Chrome Ridge area. The first project was to get street signs because residents couldn't find the FSC meeting location. They have received grants for the removal of vegetation from evacuation routes. They are currently applying for grants to be used for additional ridge clearing. They have used dumpsters and chipping services.

David Joramillo introduced himself and described some of the Firewise activities.

Debbie Rood reviewed activities in Mosquito.

Tom Mahach described the development of the Sly Park Corridor FSC and some of the sub committees. They have been active with development of maps that can identify individual parcels within the area both developed and undeveloped.

Linda Colombo advised that a meeting of the Nashville/West Sandridge residents is being held tonight. Volunteers initiated some vegetation clearing which seemed to motivate residents to clear their properties. They have received grants for clearing and used dumpsters and chipping services.

Allen Jaeger described volunteer community efforts to successfully clear vegetation from a road in the Sandridge area that was impassable for fire trucks and is now passable. The Logtown FSC has been very active with development of a phone tree and grant applications. Rich added that Allen's success with grant writing has been outstanding.

Jim Stewart described problems with starting a FSC within El Dorado Hill. He is now trying to get a council started in the Latrobe area.

Vicki advised that calendars are available and efforts should be made to get them into the communities.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC