El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Meeting
February 28, 2007 - 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Gold Hill Fire Station, 6051 Gold Hill Road


Vicki Yorty, Executive Coordinator, called the meeting to order at approximately 1:00 p.m. Members and guests present were: Jennifer Boyd, Bill Cave (Director), Rich Englefield (Director), Ray Griffiths (Vice-Chair), Penny Humphreys (Chair), Joan Jennings (Treasurer), Patrick McDaniel, Gene Murphy (Director), Jim Stewart (Director), Walt Tyler (Secretary), Bill Brant, Austin Mulder.

Vicki asked for a motion to approve the agenda with Gene Murphy giving the Logtown presentation. Penny Humphreys proposed a motion to approve the agenda with the change as noted. Second by Ray Griffiths. Approved by all present.

Vicki asked for a motion to approve the Nov. '06 and the Dec. '06 workshop minutes plus the January 24, 2007 EDCFSC minutes. Bill Cave proposed a motion to approve the Nov. '06 and Dec. '06 workshop minutes and the January 24, 2007 EDCFSC minutes. Second by Joan Jennings. Approved by all present.

Joan reviewed the Treasurer's report. Vicki described her efforts to provide reports and data for the audit. Lots of work and all turned out OK. Property owner consent letters are being developed to be sent to owners along the Grizzly Flats evacuation routes. Planning and development of the firebreak projects at Grizzly Flats is continuing.

Gene Murphy gave an over view of the CWPP for Logtown. He described the activities of the Logtown Fire Safe Council and the Core Team. He quoted several procedures that must be followed if funding for fire prevention projects are to be achieved. All proposals must be in cooperation with concerned public agencies. Logtown has 450 lots that are average three acres each. There have been major wild fires in the area during the past years and Hwy. 49 continues to be a major threat as evidenced by the fires last year. Many of the roads in the area are dead end without turn around. Rich commented that CALTRANS has made a commitment to clear along Hwy. 49 to the EDC line from fence line to fence line as well as remove the dead trees that resulted from last year fires. Rich indicated that there is some disagreement within the Logtown residents as how to proceed with the reduction of fire threatening materials and other community improvement efforts.

Jennifer gave an overview of USFS burning progress. Evaluations of project work and future proposals will be available the latter part of March. Grant money is scarce. Applications will be prioritized. She projects that the '07 budget will be similar to the '06 budget.

Patrick advised that a west Sand Ridge/Nashville FSC is putting together a community assistance grant for funding through Propisition 40. The 100 ft. fuel reduction for defensive space around residences has changed the planning for fuel reduction along roadways. Many residents will be required to clear to roadways. Accurate addresses continue to be a problem with mailing for the Grizzly Flats fuel reduction firebreak project. Rich added that he has learned that the USFS and other maps are not up to date and should not be relied upon for critical information.

Vicki advised that we have 5 2007 Title III projects which will be voted upon by the EDC Board of Supervisors the first week in March. Funding has been approved for the residential Chipping Program and anticipated restart will be in mid-March The Winter/Spring Newsletter is being printed and should be ready for distribution by mid-March. Home and Garden Show April 27-29. PG&E will be with us. Jana will coordinate an education program for Ag Day, a countywide program for all 3rd graders, which will be held in early May.

There will be no EDCFSC meeting during March. There will be an Interagency Conference held during March 27-29 at Rancho Cordova. The March meeting is cancelled to allow those who desire to attend the conference.

Bill Brandt reported that Auburn Lake Trails is eagerly awaiting the chipper to start up. They have piles of material ready to be chipped.

Jim Stewart reported that he and Vicki attended a homeowners meeting in Latrobe recently. El Dorado Hills is not too active in support a Fire Safe Council.

A question was raised regarding allowing residential burning in El Dorado County. Jennifer Boyd responded that she doesn't see any significant changes taking place within the near future.

Ray Griffiths gave an overview of the proposed communication tower in the Georgetown Divide area. He believes that Verizon will construct the tower but it will be mult-use. Communication within the areas around Georgetown should be greatly improved.

Gene Murphy reported that the first draft review of the Cammeron Park CWPP would take place March 8th.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC