El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
June 27, 2007
Gold Hills Fire Station, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.


The meeting was called to order by Penny Humphreys at approximately 11:00 a.m. Directors and guests present were: Lori Tuthill, Joan Jennings (Treasurer), Walt Graves, Pat Johnson, Jim Stewart, Janet Gastaldi, Mary Cornelison, Richard Englefield, Ray Griffiths (Vice-Chair), Walt Tyler (Secretary), Bill Cave, Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator).

A motion was proposed by Jim Stewart to approve the agenda as submitted. Second by Ray Griffiths. Approved by all present.

A motion was proposed by Lori Tuthill to approve the May 23, 2007 minutes as submitted. Second by Joan Jennings. Approved by all present.

Treasurer report was given by Joan Jennings. A financial report was passed out. Finances are appropriate.

A ballot for the election of Executive Officers for '07 -'08 was presented. Nominations: Rich Inglefield, Chairman; Ray Griffith, Vice Chairman; Joan Jennings, Treasurer; Pat Johnson, Secretary. A motion was proposed by Jim Stewart to accept the nominations for election without further discussion. Second by Ray Griffiths. Approved by all present.

Vicki has researched the process for a change of the bylaws regarding term limits for Director/Officers. Additional research is necessary and she requests that this item be on the July agenda. All agreed.

Vicki reported that she has received five Fire Districts signed MOU approval for participation with payment to persons performing Defensible Space advisory visits. She added that persons identified for the assistance of Senior/Disabled Assistance Program are to be referred through the local District Fire Chief. Discussion continued regarding the advisory information sheet copy to be given or left for the homeowner. The white sheet is for the homeowner. Advisors keep the second copy for records and the third sheet goes to the Fire District. The Georgetown Fire Chief has requested to be involved in the selection of the Defensible Space Coordinator for the area. A lot of visitations are being done in that area and things seem to be working.

Title III money is in effect. Invoices will be on a quarterly basis. Current delays should not continue. Vicki is working with Patrick regarding Prop. 40 funds for shaded firebreak fuel reduction. Additional Prop. 40 grant funding will be available this fall.

Vicki is currently managing 23 grants for approximately 1.2 million dollars. The work requirements are becoming excessive. She needs administrative assistance. She estimates that additional help would be needed for 20 hours per week. The position would be direct contract service.

The Grizzly Flats RFPs should be back in about a week. She needs to have funds in hand before a contractor is hired. The fuel break contracts should be submitted during September.

Submitted by Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC