El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
July 25, 2007
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Gold Hills Fire Station


The meeting was called to order by Rich Englefield (Chairman) at approximately 11:10 a.m. Directors present were Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator), Ray Griffiths (Vice-Chairman), Walt Tyler (Grizzly Flats), Joan Jennings (Treasurer), Pat Johnson (Secretary) Janet Gastaldi (Quintette), Bill Robinson (Chrome Ridge), Jim Stewart (El Dorado Hills), Lori Tuthill (Cameron Park), Bill Cave (Auburn Lake Trails) and Penny Humphreys (Rescue).

It was moved to approve the June 27, 2007 Minutes as submitted. The motion was seconded and approved.

Joan Jennings gave the Treasurer's Report: After receipt of $60,000 at the beginning of July our anticipated balance will be $140,000 which will include the amount due from El Dorado County for almost $80,000 Title III project reimbursements. The Fire Safe Council will be receiving $49,000 for the senior and disabled assistance program. Treasurer Jennings is closing the books for June 2007. No further procedures are required. Our accountant, Jim Smith, will prepare taxes within the next month to six weeks wherein a Form 990 will be completed and filed. Ray Griffiths inquired to whether we need to vote approval of the Treasurer's Report. This approval is not required in the Bylaws. If major transfers need to occur within accounts, then motions to approve would be required. The Treasurer's Report was concluded with no further comments.

A motion was made and seconded for Bill Robinson to represent Chrome Ridge on the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors. A unanimous vote was taken in favor of Mr. Robinson representing Chrome Ridge.

Vicki Yorty expressed her appreciation and gratitude to Penny Humphreys and Walt Tyler for their dedication as Officers on the Board of Directors. Commemorative certificates of appreciation were presented to the deserving recipients as well as generous boxes of Rocky Mountain chocolates.

Ms. Yorty is pursuing the amendment of the Bylaws as to eliminate term limits for the Board members. She will keep us informed. Walt Tyler requested a copy of any research materials regarding amending Bylaws under 501(c)(3).

The Director's Report was presented by Rich Englefield. Back in 2004, he approached Supervisor Baumann regarding the acquisition of federal dollars for fire and community centers in Grizzly Flats. Representatives from Grizzy Flats, Fire Safe Council diligently worked on the designs for the fire and community center property, which designs were ultimately presented to Supervisor Helen Baumann and Congressman John T. Doolittle. After assessment of three deserving entities, Grizzly Flats was awarded the funds. Chairman Englefield received a call that the $1.5 million had been set aside for the Grizzly Flats' development. Earlier, their Fire Board unanimously passed Permit 4 for the Fire Station. The local water district will have $14,000 designated for processing its work. The culminating reward is that Grizzly Flats will have a Fire Station due to the perseverance and resourcefulness of its representatives. Chairman Englefield informed the EDCFSC that at the most recent Grizzly Flats town meeting, there was standing room only due to the enthusiasm of its citizens.

The Director's Report continued with focus on the county-wide weed abatement ordinance. A "County Weed Abatement Program" presented by Chairman Englefield to two El Dorado County Supervisors. Mr. Englefield urged us to organize and inform each of our Supervisors of the urgent need of weed abatement. Inquiries as to how other counties finance such programs were made. Chairman Englefield responded that a representative would schedule a meeting with Helen Baumann and present answers and solutions to the weed abatement program along with requests. The program could conceivably pay for itself. We could be charging people to perform this work with a percentage for delinquencies. Coordinator Yorty was recently in Tahoe where Governor Schwartzenegger had recently met with local Fire Chiefs. It was proposed that contractors should be paid to do the work and the landlords would be billed. A grant proposal is also a possibility. Coordinator Yorty and Chairman Englefield will approach the local Fire Chiefs about the weed abatement subject. A determination as to how to approach El Dorado County Board of Supervisors needs to be considered. The County Agricultural Department and UC Extension have a functioning weed abatement program (no ordinance), and they recognize the cost of dealing with weeds, especially in Tahoe. Wendy West is a contact at the El Dorado County Agricultural Department. They work with the Forest Service and have realized that if any equipment is brought onto Forest Service lands, equipment much be washed down to rid it of any weeds, and if they are using any mulch, must be weed-free. Director Ray Griffiths indicated that the time is now to handle this important issue, and fuels such as scotch broom should be addressed. Discussion ensued regarding this matter. Director Walt Tyler discussed vegetation maintenance and the fuel loads they present, which is a major concern to citizens of El Dorado County.

Director Ray Griffiths informed the group that on on July 13, he, Directors Yorty, Englefield, and Robinson attended a workshop introducing a guidebook for developing a Conservation based CWPP. Director Griffith is presently working on this for Georgetown and Director Robinson for Chrome Ridge. The CWPP sets forth how to have community meetings, which is similar to the EDCFSC format, but it incorporates all entities. One can take any form from the CWPP, download it, and complete the information requested. It is an effective tool to guide communities with their CWPP development. Director Griffiths indicated that it does require a professional Forester to address fuel loads, etc. The CWPP instructs the council as to how to perform such tasks. Coordinator Yorty has CDs for our viewing regarding the CWPP.

Coordinator Yorty gave the Fire Safe Council updates on various projects. The senior assistance program needs input regarding individuals who require assistance. Susie Davis, representative for MORE could be instrumental in determining individuals who may require services from this program. The entire program's funding is $49,000. The RFP is seeking qualified bidders who can show proof of insurability and worker's compensation insurance coverage. She has received applications for individuals interested in interviewing senior and eligible citizens. The job will entail approximately 20 hours a week with heavy emphasis on communicating effectively with senior citizens.

The contract with Tad Mason, TSS Contractors, is progressing. Thirty thousand dollars was allocated for this project. It is not related to the weed abatement program, however, it could apply to green waste. Coordinator Yorty has worked with Debbie Harlow (Waste Connections) with regards to all the District's green waste going to Lincoln or South Sacramento. The goal would be to keep the biomass products here in the District with a possible drop-off station at Camino. The motion presented by Penny Humphreys to approve the biomass feasibility project was seconded by Walt Tyler and passed.

Coordinator Yorty will be reordering Fire Safe Council car magnets, shirts and hats as soon as she receives a check from the County of El Dorado. Chairman Englefield indicated that Log Town will have car magnets for the purpose of identifying themselves when they flush hydrants in the area.

Two respondents to Grizzly Flat's RFP were Mountain Enterprises and Fire Stop. A meeting held at Grizzly Flat concluded with Fire Stop being selected. They will not begin work on evacuation clearing until the fire season concludes. A full EIR is not required. For the additional contract, a more extensive environmental study is required due to the fact that the site involved is off-road. Fire Stop is working closely with the Forest Service and will begin when weather conditions permit.

Walt Tyler discussed the September 15th Community Clean-up at Grizzly Flats at the Community Church. Five dumpsters will be provided as well as special trucks for batteries, tires, metal parts. Everything was donated. The only costs incurred will involve disposal of refrigerators (anything with freon), computers, or bullet holes in any compressors.

Grizzly Flats has been successful in getting rid of all their abandoned automobiles.

Chairman Englefield proposed a closed session on August 22 beginning at 10:45 am.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:00 pm.