El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Board of Directors Meeting
November 14, 2007
Gold Hill Fire Station, 6051 Gold Hill Road
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


At approximately 11:00 am, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Rich Englefield. In attendance were Mary Cornelison (Director - Volcanoville), Janet Gastaldi (Director - Quintette), Ray Griffiths (Director - Georgetown), Joan Jennings (Director - Garden Valley), Pat Johnson (Director - EID and Mosquito), Bill Robinson (Director - Chrome Ridge/Pleasant Valley), Jim Stewart (Director - El Dorado Hills), Walt Tyler (Director- Grizzly Flats), Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator).

Public Comment
Guest, Tom Schultz of the Sly Park Hills Fire Safe Council, was introduced. Mr. Schultz expressed interest in becoming a Board member of the EDCFSC. He informed the group that the Sly Park Fire Safe Council is a subgroup of Pollock Pines Fire Safe Council. Currently, the Sly Park Hills Fire Safe Council has an opportunity to acquire FEMA grant funds to build an evacuation road through Sly Park Hills. He submitted documents to Mrs. Yorty regarding the grant. The Planning Commission for their subdivision did not plan for evacuation routes for their area. Since 2006 a feasibility study for access routes has been requested. They have a tentative agreement with EID and the Forest Service to use their service roads which are part of the Environmental Education Center. They could be allowed to use the emergency exit after children are evacuated. Their group has found a source of funds with FEMA to develop an evacuation road. Endorsement by the Pollock Pines Fire Safe Council has been given to proceed with acquiring these funds. Dialogue was initiated with neighboring communities regarding evacuation routes. They will be meeting with OES to walk through the proposed route. Due diligence needs to be performed. They have asked Supervisor Baumann for time at the next Supervisor's meeting to endorse Sly Park Hills Fire Safe Council's application for FEMA funds. The roads will also provide fire breaks and access to emergency vehicles and personnel. Rich Englefield, Chairman to the EDCFSC, will prepare a memorandum supporting the newly-formed Sly Park Hills Fire Safe Council in submitting grant proposals to determine feasibility of building secondary ingress/egress access roads and to clear brush on either side of said roads for wildland fire safety.

Approval of Agenda
Approval of the agenda was moved and seconded for approval. Unanimously approved.

Approval of October 24, 2007 Minutes
Approval of October 24, 2007 Minutes was moved and seconded. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer's Report
No specific report for October as waiting for bank statement.
Vicki Yorty and Rich Englefield met with Sue Hennike (County CAO Analyst). El Dorado County represented that they are going to take two major steps, which are:

  1. Amend previous Title III funding agreement to extend the date to next June 2008. They are going to issue an amendment for the current (2007) contract making the start date March 6, 2007 which was the date that 2007 funding was approved by the Board of Supervisors. As a result of the audit of Existing Title III projects, the CAO will add funding for two project that were paid but not added to the trust fund: $5,000 in 2003-16 (chipping program) and $9,682 2004 Calendars. They plan to have it on the County BOS agenda for November 27.
  2. On a quarterly basis, El Dorado County will be distributing to the EDCFSC the balance sheet of the trust fund to make sure EDCFSC and County records remain in balance. An RFP will be created for 2008 Title III funding request to the Board of Supervisors.

Proposed Amendment to Bylaws
Director Johnson will provide a written report on the procedure to amend the Bylaws of our organization at the next Board meeting. She will also research the formation of satellite Fire Safe Councils within El Dorado County.

Update of Website and Monthly Input from Satellite Councils
Chairman Englefield informed us that there a many issues with the website. When we find a problem with the website, let them be known to Rich Englefield. Let them know what is out-of-date. It was requested that we view the website within the next four weeks. Mr. Englefield will start an email file for receiving these updates and issues. The form will include an "add" "deletes" and "corrections" designations.

Approval of Appendix M 2007 Update to EDCWPP
It was proposed that this issue be taken up at the General EDCFSC meeting.

Directors' Reports
Director Robinson (Chrome Ridge/Pleasant Valley) completed their local phone tree. He is contacting people east of the Ridge to try to get connections. Waiting on completion of video, which was completed and submitted late summer; part of the evacuation route is on it. They are presently reviewing and researching what their council can apply for during the next Clearinghouse. Researching potential evacuation routes to the east to the residents on the Ridge.
Director Gastaldi (Quintette) reported that presently in their area, the Forest Service is performing logging functions.
Director Griffiths of Georgetown focused on CWPP issues and fire boundaries. They are determining whether to use the map. They are also determining where the upcoming public meetings will be and preparing to invite residences via the outreach program. They should have a meeting schedule by the first part of 2008.
Executive Coordinator Yorty is preparing a newspaper "insert" regarding fire prevention and residential clearing. Tentatively, the "insert" is due in February. Director Tyler suggested inserts be placed in the Gold Panner, which more people read. Director Stewart suggested the Village Life publication also for the insert.
Chairman Englefield of Logtown informed us that they had a successful hot dog social. Approximately 110 people came to their fire station. The event focused around meeting and greeting folks; 200 hot dogs were eaten! Cash donations in the amount of $225 were given.
Director/Treasurer Jennings informed the group that there is a new Fire Chief in Garden Valley -- Fire Chief Decker. Presently, there are 200 parcels in the Garden Park subdivision which could be targeted to form a local Fire Safe Council.
Director Cornelius of Volcanoville informed us that their Fire Safe Council meeting will be held at end of the month. They have put up posters requesting that burning be suspended.
Director Tyler (Grizzly Flats) reported that the last meeting of the year was packed. Cleaning along Spring Canyon was phenomenal. He wants to get pictures of Spring Canyon Road. Judy, their Defensible Space Coordinator, will talk to Consumnes Mine Road regarding defensible space. More individuals from this area have become involved with their local Fire Safe Council. Mr. Tyler expressed his intent to continue to support and help the residents along Consumnes Mine Road.
Director Stewart (El Dorado Hills) reported that Mormon Island should be receiving a report regarding fire mitigation. He attended the conference for non-profits which focused on Board functions, Board mechanics, business statements, hiring staff whose intent is to uphold their organization's mission statement. The conference addressed payroll taxes, succession planning, regulatory issues, donations, grant reporting, and cultural issues. They provided a helpful website for non-profit information at www.helpfornonprofits. There will be another seminar in April. When electing/choosing Board members, the Board should look for passion for the mission, time commitment, team player, communication skills, engaged in the mission, aligned values, and Board orientation by a committee. Jan Cokely of Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council has moved to Placerville and may be instrumental in beginning a Placerville FSC. She had generated much discussion at the conference. It was time well-spent.
Executive Coordinator Yorty received a request from the Sierra Springs Homeowner's Association for her to write a letter of support to the County on their behalf regarding repair of their roads. The Homeowner's Association wants to be responsible for their roads due to their disrepair. They have a meeting with Supervisor Baumann in December regarding this issue. The EDCFSC wants to support their efforts in this regard.
With regards to the Clearinghouse, February 15th is when all grants are due, which include chipping, Senior Assistance, and fuel break grants.
Jana Newman is reviewing all proposals regarding the Senior Disabled Program. She is creating a database of who has had visitations, and she will give the Board a status report regarding same.
A motion was made to adjourn and seconded at approximately 12:30 pm. It was unanimously agreed upon.