El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill Fire Station
6051 Gold Hill Road
July 22, 2009
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


The meeting was called to order by Ken Hasse, Chair, at approximately 11:00 am. Those in attendance were: Bill Brandt, Barbara Calvo, Leo Chaloux, Linda Colombo, Mary Cornelison, Ray Griffiths, Ken Hasse, Joan Jennings, Richard Krek, Jeanette Ryder (Guest), Bill Smith, Jim Stewart, Lori Tuthill, Vicki Yorty

Introductions were made and a sign in sheet was passed around. Lori is updating the sign-in/contact sheet and will email it out to the BOD when it is complete.

Approval of Agenda: A motion to approve the agenda was made by Richard Krek, 2nd by Mary Cornelison, and approved by all present.

Approval of Minutes from the June 24th Meeting: Changes to the minutes as follows were noted: Mary Cornelison's name was left off as having been in attendance. The election results need to be attached when the minutes are posted to the web.

A motion to approve the minutes from the June 24th Annual Meeting, as amended was made by Joan Jennings, 2nd by Richard Krek, and approved by all present.

Bylaw Committee Report - Joan Jennings reported that work on the bylaws has begun. Comments have been received from most of the committee members. Joan will send out the compiled changes with color coding for the committee to review. The committee hopes to have a draft for the Board to Review at the September meeting.

Approval of Satellite Fire Safe Council Agreements: Questions came up as to how to handle members/organizations that are not affiliated with Satellite Fire Safe Councils. We discussed having a separate Affiliation Agreement for them but then tossed it back to the Bylaws Committee to deal with. Amending the existing Affiliation Agreement is a good solution that the committee will look into.

Clarification as to why we originally created the Affiliation Agreement was explained. The form was created to ensure that all affiliations were following the bylaws and policies of the EDCFSC so as not to jeopardize our 501C3 status.

A motion to approve the Satellite Affiliation Agreements for Auburn Lake Trails FSC, Cameron Park FSC, Grizzly Flats FSC, Logtown FSC, Mosquito FSC, Nashville-Sandridge FSC, Quintette FSC, Pollock Pines FSC, Rescue FSC, and Volcanoville FSC was made by Bill Smith, 2nd by Ray Griffith, approved by all present except Jim Stewart who abstained.

Treasurer's Report: Rich Englefield was not at the meeting so there was no official Treasurer's Report. Ken Hasse reported that the Quicken Software for Non-Profit Organizations was purchased and successfully installed.

Director's Reports:

DSP - The Diamond Springs Labor Day Bazaar will be on September 7th. The EDCFSC was given a free booth. Linda will try to get some volunteers from the Nashville-Sandridge FSC and Ken will try to get some volunteers from the Logtown FSC to staff the booth. Vicki will also be there as usual.

Placerville - Linda Colombo and Smokey the Bear will visit 28 neighborhoods in Placerville during the National Night Out Event on August 4th.

Pollock Pines - Barbara Calvo wanted to know if there was public education money available to pay for postage for a Fire Safe mailer for Pollock Pines (about 4000 people). She will get some prices and bring a proposal to the next meeting.

Cameron Park - Richard Krek told everyone about the Western States Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program's Request for Proposals. Proposals need to be submitted to Cal Fire for review by August 5, 2009 and then the Cal Fire Units need to submit the proposals electronically by August 12, 2009. For more information, contact Phyllis Banducci with Cal Fire at 530-647-5203 or Phyllis.Banducci@fire.ca.gov.

Electronic Signs - Lori Tuthill provided a summary of the request for funding originally submitted at the May meeting. It was suggested that Policies and Procedures should be developed as to who and when people would be able to use the signs once they are up and running. Joan Jennings suggested looking at the Policies and Procedures from the Residential Sprinkler Trailer or El Dorado Hills Fire Prevention Trailer rather than starting from scratch. Bills for the repairs will be submitted to Vicki for reimbursement and paid as money is available.

A resolution to form a Bylaws Committee was not formally made at last months meeting so we corrected that at this meeting.

A motion to form a Bylaws Committee was made by Mary Cornelison, 2nd by Richard Krek, approved by all present.

Change of Meeting Times: After discussion, A motion to change the Board Meeting to 10:00 am to 11:00 am and to change the General Meeting time to 11:00 am to 12:00 pm was made by Lori Tuthill, 2nd by Ray Griffiths and approved by all present.

The new meeting times will go into effect for the September Meeting.

Executive Coordinator's Report:

Green Waste Dumpsters: Jana created a set of Guidelines in order to help make the program run more smoothly. The directors were each given a copy to review. Please send Vicki any comments or suggestions. Vicki reported that we will have an additional $60,000 for the Green Waste Dumpsters to continue into spring. Vicki would like encourage neighborhoods to publicize before the Green Waste Dumpsters arrive to get more community participation.

Green Waste Vouchers: You may give up to 4 vouchers out at a time. We do not need to save the duplicate copies anymore. El Dorado disposal keeps track of how many vouchers are redeemed. Last year 2500 vouchers were redeemed.

Bills: Checks totaling $48,000 will be signed today. We are still waiting for $45,000 in reimbursements from the County for bills that were submitted over a month ago. Once these payments go out, all bills will be paid accept for Vicki and Mountain Enterprises.

Vicki has asked Darlene to make Name/Tent Cards for the Directors for the next meeting.

Discussion of Assembly Bill 1300 and Assembly Bill 1066 were deferred for discussion at the General Meeting.

The next Meeting will be held on August 26th and will be our Annual Strategic Planning Meeting. Location and time to be determined.

A motion to adjourn was made by Joan Jennings at 12:10 pm, 2nd by Mary Cornelison and approved by all present.

Submitted by: Lori Tuthill, Secretary EDCFSC