El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill Fire Station
6051 Gold Hill Road
October 28, 2009
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


The meeting was called to order by Ken Hasse, Chairperson at 11:15 am. Those in attendance were: Rich Birely, Bill Brandt, Barbara Calvo, Linda Colombo, Mary Cornelison, Ray Griffiths, Brad Haox, Joan Jennings, Richard Krek, Hope Leja, Oliver Loo, Tom Mahach, Gary Miller, Frank Mosbacher, Bill Robinson, Katie Russell, Jim Stewart, Lori Tuthill and Walt Tyler

Introductions were made and a sign in sheet was passed around.

Approval of Agenda: A motion to approve the agenda was made by Richard Krek, 2nd by Mary Cornelison, and approved by all present.

Approval of Minutes from September 23, 2009 meeting: A correction to the minutes as follows was noted: Karina's name was not spelled correctly. A motion to approve the minutes from the September 23, 2009 meeting as corrected was made by Jim Stewart, 2nd by Joan Jennings and approved by all present.

Report from Board of Directors Meeting: Ken Hasse, Chair:

  • Ken Hasse reported that we talked about the fact that we are still in need of some organizational changes and that we will be having a special meeting of the Executive Board before the next meeting to identify some policies and procedures that should be put in place so that we are able to conduct business more efficiently.
  • Richard Englefield, the EDCFSC Treasurer spoke with the bookkeeper about implementing some new accounting procedures with more concise reports.
  • We have still not received the check for the Title III dollars from the County but all the paperwork has been signed and we are expecting the check soon.
  • An MOU for the Title III dollars has been drafted but has not been presented to the Board for approval. We are still in the process of coming up with a way to distribute the Title III money internally.
  • The Bylaw revisions are complete but we have not been able to have them reviewed by legal counsel. We will invite Counsel to the next Board Meeting.
  • We are looking into a program to provide Insurance to our Volunteers and may invite a representative from the carrier to a future meeting.
  • The Board authorized Linda Colombo to order 1000 mini calendars at a cost of .22 cents each using money Vicki already has available for public education.
  • We are still trying to update Appendix M of the CWPP from the Strategic Planning Meeting in August. Some of the updates that have been provided have not been updated on the Matrix and some agencies have not given us their updates. Lori Tuthill will be updating the spreadsheet and needs all updates from the agencies no later than Friday, November 6, 2009. We will adopt the revisions at the November Board Meeting.

Report on CWPP/Evacuation Plan for Placerville, including Diamond Springs east: Barry was not able to attend the meeting but Richard Englefield reported that he has made quite a bit of progress on the project since last month. We will try to get an update next month.

Executive Coordinator's Report - Vicki was not able to make it to the meeting so there is no report this month.

Agency Reports:

  • U.S. Forest Service - Frank Mosbacher
    • They have completed the 1st burn at Van Black Meadow. They have burned about 1000 acres of brush piles.
    • The Henry Diggins Prescribed Burn is on hold.
    • The Newly formed Resource Advisory Committee will have approximately $600,000 in Title IV grant dollars available by January for fuel reductions projects that support the National Forest. More information to come on how and when to submit proposals.

Satellite Fire Safe Council Reports:

  • Nashville/Sandridge FSC - Linda Colombo
    There will not be a meeting in November or December. They are focusing on educating people and getting them on board for their Clearing House project. The Eagle Scout sign project is complete. The sign will be put up a week before each meeting and then taken down after the meeting is over.
  • Outreach Program Coordinator - Linda Colombo
    Linda gave a presentation to the group from Cameron Estates. They are ready to get going and sent three representatives to the meeting today to find out how to become a Satellite Fire Safe Council. We will work with Vicki to get them started. Linda also gave a defensible space inspection class to the Folsom group that would also like to become an official Satellite FSC of the EDCFSC. They have created a terrific brochure which Linda shared with the group. Linda also met with a group of people in Garden Valley and they are anxious to get going again. Latrobe has also formed a FSC and would also like to become an official Satellite FSC.
  • Chrome Ridge FSC - Bill Robinson
    Limbs are currently being trimmed for chipping in early November. Dumpster will be arriving on November 6th. They will be having a clean-up day in November as well.
  • Georgetown - Ray Griffiths
    They are not a satellite fire safe council yet but are plugging away at their CWPP. They are hoping to have a draft ready by December and to have signatures complete in early 2010.
  • Grizzly Flats - Walt Tyler
    Walt reported that the FSC in Grizzly Flats is very active. The annual burger night was very successful. They had several uniformed personnel show up for a hot meal. The local Cemetery is being cleaned up with the help of the Pioneer Fire Department and the Cadet Program. Walt publicly expressed his gratitude for the support he received from the EDCFSC for a public school to be named after him. Walt also reported that they were able to help 20 residents with their clearance during their annual clean-up day. Rich Englefield reported that they are trying to get a cell tower at the Reservoir which can be accomplished now that the FSC helped bring the internet connection to the area.
  • Pollock Pines - Barbara Calvo
    The dumpster program is still going on in Pollock Pines. Last months meeting was cancelled and the one prior had low attendance. The next meeting is November 21, 2009.
  • Volcanoville - Mary Cornelison
    They continue to have Fire Safe Info incorporated into the newsletter.
  • Cameron Park FSC - Richard Krek
    The new Weed Abatement Ordinance was presented to the Fire Committee at the last meeting. The Clean-Up Day on September 26th was very successful. Seven containers of green waste were collected.
  • Auburn Lake Trails - Bill Brandt
    Their chipping requests for the Neighbor to Neighbor Chipping Program they have been providing with a Clearing House Grant have gone up during the past several weeks due to branches coming down with the recent storms. They are working on their annual Firewise renewal.
  • Logtown - Ken Hasse
    The Annual Hot Dog social on October 3rd was a great success. They made $1500. Ken provided an update on the Fuel Reduction Project. The money is in place and the project coordinators are ready to go. The Mica Roadside Clearance is complete and the Perimeter Fuel Reduction Zone clearance has started. The result will eventually be that the entire perimeter around Log Town will be clear.

Next Meeting: November 18th at 11:00 am at the Gold Hill Fire Station

A motion to adjourn was made by Jim Stewart at 12:30 pm, 2nd by Bill Brandt and approved by all present.

Submitted by: Lori Tuthill, Secretary EDCFSC