El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill Fire Station
6051 Gold Hill Road
February 24, 2010
10:00 am

  1. The meeting was called to order by Ken Hasse, Chairperson at 10:00 am. Those in attendance were: Bill Brandt, Barbara Calvo, Leo Chaloux, Linda Colombo, Mary Cornelison, Rich Englefield, Janet Gastaldi, Joan Jennings, Richard Krek, Katie Russell, Bill Smith, Jim Stewart, Lori Tuthill and Vicki Yorty
  2. Introductions were made and a sign in sheet was passed around.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Rich Englefield asked that the Webpage Update be put back on the agenda starting next month. A motion to approve the agenda was made by Richard Krek, 2nd by Bill Smith, and approved by all present.
  4. Approval of Minutes from January 27, 2010 meeting: A motion to approve the minutes from the January 27, 2010 meeting was made by Joan Jennings, 2nd by Richard Krek and approved by all present.
  5. Bylaw Committee Report - Joan Jennings
    The Bylaw Committee had a meeting on February 10th. The minutes from that meeting are attached and made part of the record for this meeting.
    The committee reviewed a sample "Conflict of Interest Policy" from the IRS and are recommending to the board that we adopt the new Conflict of Interest Policy and Statement based on the IRS sample. We discussed a potential board member conflict of interest and discussed that it is up to the individual who feels he/she might have a conflict or could be a Party of Interest to disclose it to the board for discussion. The Board also has the right to inquire about conflicts they see might be possible.
    A motion to approve the Bylaw Revisions and Conflict of Interest Policy & Statement was made by Jim Steward, 2nd by Bill Brandt and approved by all present.
    Joan to print the final version without the historical changes in the footnotes to be posted to the webpage. The Secretary will keep a copy of the final version as well as a copy of the historical version with the footnotes of all changes with the official documents of the council.
    Affiliates will need to re-do their Affiliates Agreement and Conflict of Interest Statements. We will have them available at the next meeting.
  6. Title III Budget Approval: The Title III Budget for Funding Agreement #115-F011 was presented to the BOD's at last months meeting. The Title III funding process was significantly changed last year requiring any funded projects to be for Firewise Projects or CWPP's. 80% of the total amount available went to the EDCFSC and 20% went to the Tahoe Basin. The EDCFSC's Board will now be responsible to approve and distribute any contracts/MOU's requesting Title III Funds. The Board did not approve the Title III Budget or the MOU's at last months meeting.
    There were questions about how the amounts were decided. Vicki stated that she came up with the number based on the reimbursements submitted for Defensible Space Inspections in the past. The amount averaged $6000 to $8000. There were questions about establishing criteria for the use of these funds and the leftover Title III funds from old agreements that still have balances. This will be discussed at a special meeting of the E-Board.
    A motion to approve The Title III Budget for Funding Agreement #115-FO11 was made by Richard Krek, 2nd by Barbara Calvo and approved by all present.
    The Board directed Vicki to rescind and re-issue the MOU's from Auburn Lake Trails, Meeks Bay, Cameron Park CSD & Pioneer. Firewise must be promoted when doing inspections. Vicki will email the revised MOU to the Board. The new MOU's will need to be reviewed and approved by the Board.
    Questions were raised about the process for submitting reimbursements for Title III dollars. Procedures will need to be developed.
  7. Website Report - Richard Englefield
    The problem with the "Request for Chipper" form has been repaired.
  8. Treasurer's Report - Richard Englefield
    Richard reported that the books are looking healthy and well. He is still having some problems with the software but is trying to work it out. If all fails, we can still have the accountant print the reports we need. Rich is a little concerned about future funding. The 2010 grant funds will be directly deposited into our account.
    Rich will start to send out reports electronically.
  9. Storage/Retrieval/Procedure Manual Committee Report - Richard Englefield
    Richard expressed his concern that the procedure manual is going slowly. The E-Board will discuss this at our special meeting.
  10. Executive Coordinators Report - Vicki Yorty
    The Executive Coordinators Report was deferred to the General Meeting.
  11. Volunteer Insurance Program - Lori Tuthill
    Lori talked to the agent to get clarification about the program. The EDCFSC and any affiliates would be covered under the policy on a "good faith" basis. To be covered, individuals must be volunteers (not being paid by anyone else). Policy will not cover people in the organization who are under contract. Person is covered to and from the event they are volunteering at. Individuals with their own insurance would be covered by their own insurance first. The policy ties into our existing Liability Policy through Zurich. We would need to figure out what number of volunteers to put on the policy. Maybe 20 to 50. If we sign up, we will get a packet of information including how to file a claim. Cost: $200 - $500 per year depending on level and number of people signed up.
    Vicki wasn't sure if we have the money to pay for this.
  12. Appoint Secretary for March Meeting: Lori will not be able to attend next months Board Meeting or General Meeting and asked if someone would be willing to take the notes and do the minutes. Barbara Calvo said she would be happy to.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 10:00 am @ Gold Hill

A motion to adjourn was made by Richard Krek at 11:15 pm, 2nd by Joan Jennings and approved by all present.
Submitted by: Lori Tuthill, Secretary EDCFSC