El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Diamond Springs Fire Station
11 AM

  1. The meeting was called to order by Ken Hasse at 11:10 AM.
  2. Board member present were: Bill Brandt; Barbara Calvo; Mary Cornelison; Rich Englefield; Janet Gastaldi; Ray Griffiths; Ken Hasse; Joan Jennings; Richard Krek; Jim Stewart; Lori Tuthill and Vicki Yorty.
  3. Approval of Agenda: A motion to approve the agenda was made by Ray Griffiths 2nd by Richard Krek and approved by all present.
  4. Approval to Minutes from 7/28/10 and 8/13/10: Mary Cornelison requested to have the wording of her motion, from the 8/13/10 meeting corrected. A motion to approve the corrected minutes was made by Joan Jennings 2nd by Bill Brandt and approved by all present.
  5. Report from Executive Board Meeting:
    • Office Location needs to be resolved. We are being evicted from our current office in Camino but Vicki has found another protective, secured storage area in Camino. Ken feels as much as possible we need to move to digital storage.
    • Vicki is moving her computer information from one computer to another. She still has not used the external drive. Also using on line storage. Continues to be a work in progress.
    • Senior assistance program transition to MORE has been confusing and delayed but it is happening. Local FSC or Fire Departments will be doing the evaluations and then sending them to MORE. Vicki feels there should be some formal notification to local fire districts. Some discussion regarding if a fire official does the evaluations if it then becomes a code issue. Jim Stewart states a letter should to sent to the fire districts to request this. We do not ask for bank statements and the recipient most sign stating they are not financially/physically able to do the work. Mountain Enterprise will take over where MORE is not able. Denial of services due to what appears to be someone who can afford this service should be handled tactfully and with common sense. Process should only take days to go from request to completion of evaluation.
    • Vicki will be giving monthly reports to the board, henceforth. Coordinators will be notified regarding their change in hours. Barry's work on the CWPP is not affected.

  6. 2010/2011 Budget: Mileage was removed from the budget but the mileage fee under title III for the defensible space evaluations is not affected by this. Vicki states there will be more money available for projects Under the CWPP. Invoices submitted are $12,000 for mapping and $30,000 for Barry. Firewise will be handled by the FSC.
  7. Executive coordinators Report: Vicki is committed to having a successful audit. There is some minor tweaking to do. Needs list from Rich on what is needed by Jeannie for the audit As far as she knows they will come to the place of business. Currently that is Vicki's home. Vicki's contract expires in December and she feels that gives the board 4 months to make a decision on renewing her contract. Jim Stewart points out that his brother; Frank, Northern California State Budget Council Coordinator is presenting a proposal to the northern California Sierra Conservancy for grant funding for Fire Safe Councils. Vicki has responded to the request for information for this proposal.
    Mary Cornelison would like to state for the record that Vicki has done an outstanding job in getting grants and doing outreach throughout the county and without Vicki this organization would really struggle. Mary is disappointed to here that Vicki feels like she may give up at the end of here contract. Mary feels that the few last board meetings have been very painful She does not feel that all of the information is available to the board members. Also feels most of these issues could be worked out between the Chairperson, Treasurer and Vicki. Feels there is a lot of animosity in the room and is very concerned about our future. Feels peoples don't want to come to these meetings anymore. Mary feels like an outsider and that not all information is given at the BOD meeting. Ken feels everything is shared. And that Vicki Ken and Rich meet once a month. Lori states we never had an executive Board "in the old days" and also feels left out. Joan points out that the Bylaws do provide for an Executive Board that can meet in closed session.
    Ken feels he is using the executive board had had to expedite things, and that is easier with a smaller group. Vicki points out there is more money coming down the pike and feels that is not being taken into consideration. Feels more positive thoughts need to be brought to the table. A normal year is $700,000 not $100,000,000. We are going through a changed and look at contracts. Which expire in December. O ur bylaws state that Personnel issues must be handled in closed session. Ken feels we are making every attempt to get all information out to everyone. Clarification on answering machine: Machine will answer questions.
    Joan points out that the Executive Board has the right to make decisions for the entire board. Bill Brandt points out that communications appear timely. Ray Griffiths budget issues. Vicki states there is $900,000 in grants that is not showing in the budget. Joan states maybe we can move on and have Rich, Ken, and Vicki report to us after they meet. In the mean time we are still in business.
  8. Report from Operations Manual Committee: Joan passed out minutes from last ops manual committee minute. Local Fire Safe Councils was major discussion. Budget process and issues were also addressed. Linda Colombo's duties were also discussed.
  9. Webpage update: Bad news. We lost Abe. Question why. This is a problem. Barry's map and evacuation plan is now on the web site. Rich will find Abe and maybe we can just move the Webpage to Abe's business. Web master of this company is hanging satellites.
  10. Treasurer's Report: Rich points out that if we "go dark" a plan should be in place to keep us alive. Funds need to be set aside to continue operation. Rich sent everyone budget information via e-mail.
  11. Director Reports: Ken is going with the Quick Books account for $3600 for log town project. Weeds
    Approve Affiliation Agreement submitted by Nashville-Sandridge FSC. A motion was made by Rich Englefield and 2nd by Lori Tuthill Krek to approve the above mentioned Affiliation Agreements.
  12. Public Comment: Lori Tuthill is requesting that Barry come to the        on September 11th for the fire safe council booth.
    Cameron Park        preserve has
  13. A motion to Adjourn was made by Richard Krek 2nd by Bill Brandt and approved by all present.
  14. The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted:
Barbara Calvo