El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill Fire Station
6051 Gold Hill Road
October 27, 2010
11 AM

  1. The meeting was called to order by Ken Hasse at about 11 AM. Those in attendance were: Bill Brandt, Mary Cornelison, Richard Englefield, Janet Gastaldi, Ray Griffiths, Ken Hasse, Rich Krek, Bill Smith, Jim Smith and Vicki Yorty.
    Attendees were asked to wait to be recognized and identify themselves so that meeting minutes can be more easily transcribed from the recording of the meeting.
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Rich Krek moved to approve the agenda, second by Bill Smith and approve unanimously
  3. Approval of Minutes from September 22 Meeting
    The minutes were revised to reflect Mary's concern about the confusion of the amount of the Volcanoville project ($65,000) with Vicki's statement that $524,000 would be available by next September by putting the statement in different paragraphs.
    Vicki requested that her affirmative response to Bill Brandt's question about whether admin costs were included in grant applications be included in the minutes.
    Vicki's statement about defensible space inspection money was revised as follows; "No new money will be available for defensible space inspections but money leftover from last years program will be available."
    Mary C. moved that the minutes be approved as amended. Jim S. seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.
  4. Budget Review
    Mary requested clarification about whether the new $80,000 Title III money was included in the budget. Ken responded that it was included as income.
    Vicki questioned whether the $10,000 for the online mapping should be shown as a separate expense. Ken explained that it was not shown in the $80,000 budget for the CWPP. Vicki said it would take another $3000 to $4000 to complete the online map. Rich Englefield questioned the value of the map and asked whether OES had been apprised of the map. Vicki said that OES, Disaster Council and Emergency Management and Fire Chiefs had been briefed. The CWPP evacuation plan has "morphed" to include the online map.
    The $80,000 Title III should be received by the next meeting. The $87K from Air Quality was received in October. There will also be $41K received from closing out old Title III grants.
    The bottom line is that we are $38K in the red (or $28K if the $10K for the online map is not included as a new expense). This included adding $6000 to keep Darlene on board. Vicki said that she thought that we needed to bring Linda back on too.
    Mary commented that outreach was our first priority and that the Fire Safe Council would be viewed as a select group if it did not continue its outreach efforts. Ken pointed out that Placerville, which doesn't have a Fire Safe Council, was the main user of chipper and senior assistance services because of flyers handed out at the Home and Garden show and said that outreach was a priority but not necessarily the first priority. Ken pointed out that coordinator expenses had increased as our income had increased but that our current outreach efforts are necessarily limited by our budget. Vicki disagreed that her pay had increased.
    Ken asked for approval to keep Darlene on staff. Mary moved to do so, seconded by ? All approved.
  5. Senior/Disabled Flyer
    Rather than using a sticker Jana will make changes to the flyer to include the statement: By signing this agreement you affirm that you are both financially and physically unable to do the work yourself. There aren't many of the old flyers left. Ken suggested that we revert to the old form that said we were using MORE. Ken also requested a press release and a posting on the website announcing that the Fire Safe Council and MORE were now working together to provide the senior assistance.
    Bill said that the press release should include some statement about being qualified for the program. Vicki suggested that the press release include an update on the chipper and green waste dumpster programs.
    Rich mentioned a request for a second cleaning on a property. The board agreed that we are not in the yard maintenance business. Jim moved that we restrict the service to once a year, Mary seconded, all approved. Jim also wanted the press release to say that the service would be available only once a year.
  6. Webpage Update - Rich Englefield
    Rich has spent a lot of time bringing the webpage up to date. Abe was let go by Cal Net and he is now doing all of our work from his own business. We will still be getting a monthly bill from Cal Net. The domain name is paid to July 1 and costs $15 per mo. Rich recommends putting everything on Abe's website in June.
    We can now look at web stats by going to Board and clicking on web stats at the bottom. The fire severity level can also be changed by clicking on the blank bar.
  7. Treasurer's Report - Rich Englefield
    Rich will be asking for approval of monthly expenses at each meeting. Rich moved to have the September expenses approved. Bill Brand seconded. All approved.
    Ken explained again that we have only one set of books. Vicki keeps her check register in an Excel spreadsheet. The bookkeeper transfers this information to Quickbooks once each month. All reports are then generated from Quickbooks.
    Vicki delivered 13 binders to the auditor. The auditor will email Ken, Rich & Vicki if there are any additional requirements. The auditor is expected to have a review meeting in the second week in December. Pending results of this meeting the results will be distributed to the Board members in the form of a Management Letter and Findings. Vicki reported that she gave it her very best shot and that only minor changes were required before submitting the materials to the auditor.
  8. Executive Coordinators Report - Vicki
    Vicki passed out copies of the tax return as required by the new tax laws. Some additions were required to complete the return. Rich E. asked that we finalize the questions on page 6, section B which the board did. Rich Krek moved to approve, Ray Griffiths seconded. All approved.
    Vicki said that she had 8 filing cabinets full of FSC records. Vicki passed out a summary of grant balances and requested a copy of the budget spreadsheet. She requested that Linda Columbo's outreach budget be restored.
    She reported that she talked to Tom Tinsley about the Camino office. Rich and Bill Smith have inventoried the material and disposed of some old handouts. Vicki said that there was also FSC material (games, etc) stored under the Administration building. Arrangements have been made to store most material (projectors, screen, FAX, displays, T-shirts) at Gold Hill. MORE will also be able to provide some storage area. The phone will be left at Camino.
  9. Report from Operations Manual Committee
    No report from Committee.
  10. Records Storage
    Rich asked for BOD approval to change from DSL line @ $124/mo to normal line. There were no objections.
    Rich E. reported that secure inside storage was available at Missouri Flat Storage for $47 per mo plus deposit. Rich asked for approval to spend up to max of $600 per year for the secure storage. Rich made the motion; Jim seconded. All approved.
    Vicki has purchased storage boxes. They will be labeled.
  11. Director Reports - Any item requiring board action or input.
    Rich Krek asked whether he would be able to extend the 2009 MOU for residential inspections. Vicki suggested that the disposition of funds remaining it the 2009 Title III inspections be placed on the November agenda.
    Bill Smith volunteered to update the FSC email membership list.
  12. Public Comment
    Rich Englefield reported on a lawsuit against an executive coordinator in southern California. All of her emails were subpoenaed by disclosure. The message is be careful what you put in emails.
    Phyllis Banducci is still the Firewise contact in Sacramento.
  13. The meeting was adjourned at 12:34 P.M.
Submitted by: Ken Hasse, Chairperson