El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill Fire Station
6051 Gold Hill Road
November 17, 2010
11 AM

  1. The meeting was called to order by Ken Hasse at about 11 AM. Those in attendance were: Bill Brandt, Mary Cornelison, Richard Englefield, Janet Gastaldi, Ken Hasse, Rich Krek, Bill Smith, and Vicki Yorty.
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Rich Krek requested adding the approval of Defensible Space MOUs extensions to the agenda. Rich K moved to approve the agenda as amended, second by Bill Smith and approve unanimously.
    The transcription of the minutes from the October meeting was not received from Darlene. Ken volunteered to transcribe the recorded minutes until other arrangements can be made. Approval of the October meeting minutes was deferred to the next meeting.
  3. Tax Return
    The draft tax return was approved at last meeting after filling in blank s on page 6. Upon further examination after the meeting more things were found that needed to be changed. We asked Jim Smith to file for an extension as suggested by him and the auditor. Rich E. reported. Ken commented on items being presented for BOD approval without having adequate time to review.
    Some of the changes were:
    • Vicki's pay was incorrect.
    • All of the BOD member's names were required.
    • Some yes/no answers needed additional information.
    Mary asked whether Vicki was present at the meeting with the accountant. Rich responded that no figures were changed and he met with accountant because Vicki had not responded to the accountant's request.
    Ken commented on the instructions for form 990 and the review article provided by Jim Smith (the accountant). Many of the requirements are new and were triggered by our high income last fiscal year. The threshold is $500,000 in expenses. Extra copies of the article were distributed.
    We expect to exceed the $500,000 cap again this FY
    Rich E moved to rescind the previous approval, Mary seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.
  4. Webpage Update - Rich Englefield
    Richard E. reported that changes at county caused some of our links to go dead. Rich is investigating. Richard has requested that Abe Lyons move our website to his server. There is some confusion about billing from Cal Net. The online interactive map has been off and on.
    Mary commented on the fact that the statement that "education and community outreach is a top priority for the Fire Safe Council" does appear on the home page of the website.
  5. MOU Extension for PRC 4291 Inspections
    There is about $30,000 remaining in the budget for the PRC4291 defensible space inspections. The MOUs for all involved districts were extended by executive order because there would not have been a quorum to vote on the issue if all involved parties left the room.
  6. Treasurer's Report - Rich Englefield
    The backup file from the accountant was not available in time to generate the October reports.
    There were errors in the invoice from the Missouri Flat storage. The price is $362 for a six month period. Rich E. will have corrections made.
    The Audit is on track for completion in mid December.
    Vicki was asked whether she had submitted her Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement to the auditor. She has contacted her legal counsel regarding conflict of interest. Mike Peterson is Vicki's attorney.
    Vicki did not bring the requested records because she wanted to complete an inventory of the 11 boxes.
  7. Executive Coordinators Report - Vicki
    Senior assistance & chipping requests are down.
    A $40,000 check was received from county to close out some Title III accounts.
    The Volcanoville project will be awarded to J&W Forestry.
    The Gold Hill arch study is complete and the project is ready to go out to bid.
    The GF 6/7 project has a problem with a landowner holdout.
    The Nashville/Sandridge project still needs to complete the CEQA and there are some landowner holdouts.
    Vicki will submit two RAC requests; one for GF8, the other for cleanup around cabins along Hwy 50 Forest Service land.
    The Forest Service is doing 4291 inspections on cabins on FS property.
    Happy valley wants to do a RAC proposal for an evacuation route.
    The national fire plan expired in September.
    The County GIS department came through budget cuts intact. Linda, the person maintaining the interactive map, will stay.
    Rich E discussed the work done by SPI adjacent to the GF 6/7 fuelbreak which has created a huge fuelbreak. Why would we do GF 6/7?
    RAC proposals are due by Dec 7th.
  8. Report from Operations Manual Committee
    Ken discussed the draft Records Retention Policy that was distributed by email. The draft was taken from a model policy for non-profits that Joan had found. The committee removed items that did not apply to the Fire Safe Council and reformatted. Ken asked for input from the BOD to be returned two weeks before the next regular meeting.
  9. Director Reports - Any item requiring board action or input.
  10. Public Comment
  11. The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 P.M.
Submitted by: Ken Hasse, Chairperson