El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill Fire Station
6051 Gold Hill Road
February 23, 2011
10:00 AM

Present were: Board Members Bill Brandt, Leo Chaloux, Richard Englefield, Ken Hasse, Richard Krek, Jim Stewart, Bill Smith, Mary Cornelison and Ray Griffiths Visitors: Linda Columbo, Linda Dwyer, Pat Dwyer, Ed Grout, Jill Kunder, D.B Kunder, Chrystie Davis, Judi Irwin, Duane Nelson, Joan McNamara, Karsten Schulz, Teru Mizuhara, Gene Murphy, Mike Pott, and Ray Pingle
  1. The meeting was called to order at about 10:05 am. Board members and visitors introduced themselves.
  2. Rich Krek moved to accept the agenda, seconded by? All approved.
  3. Jim Stewart moved to accept the January 26, 2011 minutes as written; Rich Krek seconded and all present approved.
  4. Review of Meeting with CAFSC Grant Clearinghouse - Inadvertently skipped. Added in as 5a below.
  5. CAFSC Board Meeting - Ken Hasse reported on the Feb 9th CAFSC Board of Directors meeting.
    The new Executive Director Pat Kidder reported that there would be no new 2011 funding, entitlements and stimulus money would not be available. They (CAFSC) need to reduce expenses and staff reductions are expected. The deadline for 2012 grant applications was moved back to June 1. Two workshops per region are planned but have not been scheduled. Their CAFSC worst case scenario is a shut down in 2013. Jim Stewart reported that Frank Stewart (CAFSC Board member) would present a proposal for funding of FSC Coordinators at an upcoming Sierra Nevada Conservancy meeting.
    1. Ken Hasse played some segments from a recording made at the January 27th meeting with Dan Lang and Liron Galliano of the CAFSC Grants Clearinghouse. Liron stated that "borrowing from one grant to pay costs for another is prohibited." Dan Lang said "don't spend it until you've got it" and described another grantee that "drove off the cliff", is now bankrupt and cannot pay the contractor. CAFSC is seeking a $54,000 grant refund.
      As a result of the audit findings CAFSC suspended all grant payments to EDCFSC until corrections to our financial management procedures are made and documented. (Corrections have since been made and payments have been resumed.) There was some discussion on senior assistance funds, qualifications and overspending on the 2009 Senior/Disabled assistance program. Linda Columbo was told that contractor selection for the Nashville/Sandridge project should proceed.
  6. Committees - The BOD agreed that it was appropriate to have off board committee members. The following committees were formed.
    1. Operations Manual/RFP Richard Krek agreed to chair a committee consisting of Rich, Bill Smith and Jim Stewart to complete the work on the Federal Grants Management Policy and to develop a Request for Proposal(RFP) document for an Executive Coordinator position
    2. Bill Brandt will chair the Finance Committee with members Richard Englefield, Chrystie Davis, and Pat Dwyer. The purpose is to identify sources of unrestricted funding
    3. The Outreach Committee members are Leo Chaloux (chair), Judi Irwin and Ray Griffiths. This committee will organize the EDCFSC participation in events such as the Home & Garden Show, Diamond Springs Bazaar and others.
  7. RAC Report - Richard Englefield The first section evaluation was postponed. Group two will meet on Feb 23rd. Group 1 (including Happy Valley FSC) will reschedule to March 7th. The GF burn was eliminated but may be included with future Forest Service work.
  8. Treasurer's Report - Richard E. Financial reports were emailed to all Board members. All reimbursements must be preapproved. Our mail is finally being forwarded from Pollock Pines.
    Chief Pang's request for reimbursement under the 4291 inspection MOU was returned because it was $1800 over the authorized amount and lacked adequate documentation. It will be resubmitted.
  9. Directors Reports - None
  10. Jim Stewart moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and all approved.
The meeting was adjourned at about 11:15 am.
Submitted by: Ken Hasse, Chairperson