El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill
April 27, 2011
10:00 AM

  1. Welcome & Introduction - The meeting was called to order at about 10:10 AM. Board members and visitors introduced themselves.
    Present were: Board Members Bill Brandt, Leo Chaloux, Janet Gastaldi, Richard Englefield, Ray Griffiths, Ken Hasse, Richard Krek, and Bill Smith.
    Also present were visitors Chrystie Davis, Mike Powell and Linda Columbo.
  2. Approval of Agenda - Rich Englefield asked to add report on the RAC Report after the treasurers report and a closed session at the end of the meeting.
    Rich K moved to accept the amended agenda, Bill Brandt seconded; all approved. The motion passed.
  3. Approval of 3/23/2011 Minutes - Rich Krek moved to accept the minutes as written and Bill Brandt seconded; all approved. Motion passed.
  4. CWPP Funding - It will take about $5000 to complete revisions to the Hwy 49/50 $5000 cap, Ray seconded.
    1. Discussion: The CWPP will be broken down into smaller sections. The Mapping tool will be removed because of lack of support and reliability. The CWPP should contain verbiage to restrict usage to EDCFSC. Non EDCFSC use might be allowed if paid for.
    2. All approved, the motion passed. Rich E. asked to add discussion of copyright to next meeting agenda.
  5. Chipping RFP - The chipping contract needs to go out for bid per Federal regulations. An RFP has been completed and the BOD was asked to approve. A copy will be emailed to the Board for approval via an email poll.
  6. Elections - The elections committee (Rich E., Leo & Bill Brandt) is open for nominations for new Board members. Rich, Ray, Bill B. and Rich K agreed to rerun for their BOD seats. Anyone from the community may request that their name be added to slate for directors. Rich K. moved to hold the Board election up to May (per Rich E. request). Leo seconded. All approved. All Executive Board positions are open. Rich K. offered to run for VP. The vote for Executive positions will be in June as usual.
  7. Treasurer's Report - Richard E. presented the trial balance report for the YTD. Ken pointed out that the trial balance and the current bank balance are not the same. The current bank balance is a little over $400,000 at this time. If we spend less than $500,000 of federal money this fiscal year we will not be required to have an audit. Rich will provide breakdowns for each project in future.
    Linda Columbo requested permission to add more acreage to the Nashville/Sandridge project because two or three landowners now want to participate. The original contract with Brushbuster has been completed and the contractor has moved off the job. It was agreed that, because there is money left in the grant and if a contractor will agree to come out for the additional work it can be done.
    The status of the Volcanoville project was discussed including a concern about not receiving our payments from the Forest Service in advance.
  8. RAC Report - It isn't known at this time whether the contract for the Happy Valley Project will be similar to the one for Volcanoville. There is money left from the current round of RAC grants and discussion is underway on how to conduct the next round. Committee members are being asked if they will stay on for the next round.
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Finance - The possibility of selling "shares" in the FSC to community members and/or merchants to raise unrestricted funds was discussed. This approach has been successful in Butte County.
    2. Outreach - Leo said that despite a limited response to his call for volunteers there will be enough coverage for the Home & Garden show on the 29, 30th and May 1. Handout materials are available. Chipper and Senior/Disabled assistance flyer are available. A new banner is available.
    3. RFP -The RFP for the Exec Coordinator position was completed after some discussion and minor adjustments. The timeline has been updated. A clean copy will be provided for board review and approval by email. Interviews will be conducted at Station 49, Diamond Springs.
      There has been no progress on the Grant Management document. Input from Liron Galliano is needed.
  10. Public Comment:
    1. Linda Columbo requested copies of comments regarding her Nashville/Sandridge grant.
    2. Chrystie Davis suggested that a written plan be provided to the Board before any public presentations are made. Chrystie also offered to donate copies of Roberts Rules.
  11. Adjourn to closed session 11:50 A.M.