El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
Gold Hill
November 16, 2011
10:00 AM

  1. Meeting Call to Order - Richard Krek, EDCFSC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.
  2. Roll Call - Board Members Present: Cari DeWolf, Executive Coordinator (EC), Jim Stewart, Steve Hupner, Pat Dwyer, Richard Krek, Rich Englefield,Ken Hasse, Chrystie Davis,Bill Brandt, Mary Cornelison, Dave Eggerton, Ray Griffiths, Michael Powell,Bill Smith, Jim Stewart.
    Council Members and Guests present: Steve Hupner, Tom Schultz, Lloyd Heller, Ed & Audry Pomato, George & Joan Nomington.
  3. Public Comment - Tom Schultz represented himself as a concerned citizen and taxpayer in El Dorado County. He stated that he did not feel that he, and people like him were bring adequately represented by the Council. Representation should be the outcome. He stated that the grants and money were running out. He said the best thing we could do to provide education and plan evacuation routes and other fire prevention activities is to present a coordinated view to the governments, private enterprises and various non profits that support fire safety. Presenting a disjoint approach is not good for anybody.
  4. Approval of Minutes - Ken Hasse made a motion and Bill Brandt seconded that the 9/28/11 Minutes be approved. Majority vote approved minutes.
  5. Approval of Agenda - Ken Hasse proposed that the 10/26/11 Agenda be amended to add the election of a secretary and recommended that the section on strategic planning be moved to the general meeting. He moved that the amended agenda be approved. The motion was seconded by Jim Stewart and was approved by the board.
  6. Election of Secretary - Ken Hasse moved that Pat Dwyer be elected as Secretary of the Board for the remainder of the term. Jim Stewart seconded the motion. The motion passed by a majority vote.
  7. Correspondence and Communications
    Ken Hasse had two items. The affiliation agreements were mailed to the Pollock Pines Fire Safe Council along with a cover letter. They were sent by registered mail, return receipt requested. The postal receipts were received verifying delivery. Barry Callengenberger's contract was signed and returned by Barry. Richard Krek needs to sign it. Ken will scan it and provide the hard copy to the secretary for our records. The contract was approved by the board during the September meeting. Richard Krek attended the chief's meeting and the Meeks Bay and South Lake Tahoe may be coming over and requesting to become part of our fire safe council. They had been part of the Nevada Fire Safe Council, but due to issues in Nevada they may want to join with our organization.
    Cary distributed a copy of a position letter that was provided to SMUD regarding public comment on Upper American River Project (UARP) 2101 and the Water Quality Certification for Federal Permit. The letter was a recognition of the requirement to have fire plans for SMUD resources in El Dorado County and the potential impact of a wildfire to all parties. The letter encouraged a proactive approach to prevention and awareness by all organizations rather than a reactive, post incident response. The letter requested that EDCFSC participate in the effort.
  8. Treasurer's Report
    Ken emailed the reports to the board along with a brief narrative summary. He reported that the current grant balance for the 2011 chipper dumpster program was $61,200. The current bank balance is $400,513.40. The profit and loss statement shows negative revenue as expected. Ken reported we are spending at the rate of about $100k per month with income of about $61k per month. The $400k bank balance will be consumed in a few months. Title III funds have a balance of $84,761 for both 2009 and 2010. The only remaining 2009 funds are for defensible space ($21,588). The 2010 funds have money available for CWPP ($17,330) some will be used for the Volcanoville CWPP . The balance in Firewise ($46,159) is used for admin support and outreach.
    Active projects For the 2010 projects, we are down to $14,967 in chipping we received an extension until December and expect the funds to be expended by then. We will then go to the 2011 chipping where a $60k payment is due and $104k in the bank so we are covered for the chipping program. We are in the process of submitting the application for the 2012 chipping. We anticipate the project will run into 2013. We still have $17k in senior assistance we have only had one request in the past month. We may want to do some more outreach. We have an extension for the 2010 funds until next march due to the Gold Hill fuels reduction project remaining balance of $22k that we were able to obtain a change of scope approval to apply the balance to the senior assistance program. The total available for senior assistance is about ($40k). There is still a backlog of requests that have not been completed due to contractor problems (MORE). The contractors will be contacted to improve coordination and execution. The management of the chipper program and senior assistance program was will be transferred from the treasurer (Ken) to the executive coordinator (Cari).
    The Grizzly Flat project has a balance of $89,878 and there was no activity over the past month. The Nashville/Sand ridge project has a remaining balance of $6,259.
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Finance: Nothing to report. Discussion on committee structure deferred to strategic planning session.
    2. Outreach: Deferred to strategic planning session.
    3. Governance: At meeting this morning the committee approved the Drug Free Workplace Policy. In addition there was a requirement for a statement of personnel policies, property management and travel policies. These were requirements from the Grants Clearing House before they release funding. The governance committee will be developing these policies in the near future. In the interim Ken requested board approval for a letter to be sent to the Grants Clearing House explaining that since we have no employees, no significant property and do not fund or approve travel we do not currently have policies in place. The chair requested that these policies, when developed and approved would become an appendix to the by-laws and would not be included in the by-laws themselves until we undertake a major by-law revision in 2012. Ken Hasse moved that the drug free workplace statement and the letter on policy development be approved for submission to the grants clearing house. Chriystie Davis seconded the motion. The motion passed by a majority vote.
      The governance committee prioritized efforts for development of policies. First priority is the completion of the financial management policy. The committee is scheduled to meet twice in December in order to have the policies ready for board approval at the next meeting. The second priority is the definition, requirements and benefits of Satellite councils. The third priority is a process for selecting project management contractor.
  10. New Business - None
    Financial statements sent out with P&L YTD $288,732 from grants and $670 in donations. Spent more with a negative net income of $401,993. All grants are paid except for 2011 chipping with nothing spent. Active projects are 2010 chipping with $21l< in bank with an extension to December 2011. GF 6/7 has $89,878 in the bank to spend with extension, change of scope or report progress. Title III is drawn down to $88,299. Bank account $411,450.95
    Purchase Order Process (action): Treasurer recommends the implementation of a purchase order policy. Bylaws currently state that any expenditure over S400 requires Board approval. Suggestion to reduce amount to $100 with purchase orders for supply, publication and material orders, etc. with a numbering system assigned to with two people assigned to issue P0 numbers with two executive board members signing off. Can be obtained through Quickbooks or bookkeeper and needs to be a written policy with requirements for upper and lower levels. Under $100 treated similarly as petty cash, no limit on grant contractor payments using assigned grant number. Action items for the Governance committee will develop purchasing policy and POs to be placed in the Bylaws, and the Board to develop guidelines, such as anything over $100 to $500 requires a PO and over $500 requires Board approval. Some discussion on RFPs and the level to go out for bid set at $25,000. Suggested keep separate. Ken Hasse moved to proceed as an action item to develop a document and policy for issuing purchase orders through the Governance Committee. Motion seconded and carried unanimously.
    Volunteer Insurance (action): Chartis Policy clarification that there is no accident or injury coverage for volunteers at this time. Current coverage is for liability only and covers satellite fire safe council board members and possibly neighborhood coordinators up to 150 people. $4,000 budgeted. Recommendation made to cover volunteers. Linda Columbo suggested Atwood Insurance as an alternative due to Search & Rescue receiving good rates. Current coverage expires in September 2012. Grizzly Flats' 25 council members are not covered under the liability policy. Suggestion made to obtain one day insurance that covers everyone for large events. Recommendation to obtain insurance information through presentations during a meeting scheduled after the first of the year. In the interim obtain daily writers or add mid»range accident and injury coverage now for Board members, volunteers and activities which are a benefit to signing annual affiliation agreement and being an affiliate, Pat Dwyer made a motion to obtain midrange accident insurance coverage while researching better rates with motion seconded. Pat Dwyer amended motion to action item to collect information and research options, invite interested insurance companies/agents to present at the lanuary meeting, and proceed with the mid-level accident insurance purchase in the interim ASAP. Motion seconded bylim Stewart and carried unanimously.
    University of Nevada Next Step Booklets: Dialog on whether to purchase, modify and print copies for use at upcoming public outreach events, etc. Current bid for 1,000 is $4,000. Linda Columbo received a quote for $3,200 with postage for the Nashville/Sandridge project's 880 parcels and is offering 110 to EDCFSC. N/S will be changing the pictures and logos with Diamond Fire reviewing for plant species and has approval by UNCE and will be providing this to Ken Hasse.
  11. Old Business
    1. Affiliation agreements. Agreement policy being worked by governance committee (see committee reports). New agreements were received and signed for the Fort Jim/Southfork Fire Safe Council and the Fairglade Fire Safe Council (FFSC).
    2. By-laws, see committee reports.
    3. Purchase order policy - see committee reports.
    4. Insurance options. Ken Hasse reported that efforts to obtain accident insurance for volunteers in addition to liability insurance for EDCFSC board members and satellite council officials identified on the current affiliation agreements. Alliant insurance company has resumed issuing policies for non profits like EDCFSC (they had suspended coverage and in last month's meeting the board approved purchase of insurance from a different provider). In addition to liability insurance for board and affiliate board members, Alliant was able to offer good accident insurance coverage for up to 30 volunteers at any given event at a reasonable price. For larger events, and activities open to the general public special one day event is available as a separate coverage. Ken requested board approval to apply for the Alliant policy with 30-35 volunteers. There was $4000 budgeted for insurance and the addition of the proposed policy would bring the total cost to about $4000 so it will be budget neutral. The increased coverage cost will approximately equal the refund we received when we cancelled the vehicle and property insurance. The coverage will begin after board authorization and will be due for renewal in September 2012 at the same time as the liability coverage is due to be renewed. Comments from last month's board meeting suggested we look into insurance from a local agent representing a different company. A review of insurance alternatives will be accomplished prior to the Alliant policy renewal in September. Michael Powell made a motion to approve the purchase of the Alliant accident policy and Chrystie Davis seconded the motion. Discussion included a comment that we had worked with Alliant for six years and they had "been great to work with." Dave Eggerton was concerned about a participant in an event being covered by accident or liability insurance. Ken reported that we have no coverage for a participant at an event. Ken said for special events we need special event coverage. A vote was called and the motion was passed by a majority of the Board.
    5. Public Outreach brochure. Carried over to the general meeting.
    6. Records retention Policy. Completed at the October Board meeting.
    7. Change in scope for Nashville/Sand Ridge grant. Deferred to closed session after the general meeting.
    8. Strategy and planning objectives. Moved to general meeting.
  12. Report from the Executive Coordinator - Cari De Wolf reported that most items had been covered. Her monthly activity report covers activities that have been accomplished as well as planned future activities. She requested clarification on the appropriate distribution of her report. She has a request from the Cameron Park RCD to do a workshop in January or February. El Dorado disposal is planning to launch the revised green waste voucher program on January 1st. Working on grant proposals for the Prop. 40 Cal Fire Logtown 10 project ($45), exploring opportunity for some foundation funding and senior assist funds. Presented concept pre proposal applications to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for Prop. 84 funding for three projects. The remaining 2/3 funding for Logtown 10, Diamond Springs 1 phase 1 for environmental work, as well as Logtown Oak Ridge. All of these projects are listed in the CWPP which facilitated the requests. Cari suggested that a possible fundraising idea for a bottle and can drive. She has been in contact with residents of Pilot Hill who may be interested in forming a Satellite council in their area.
  13. Directors Report
    Steve Hupner from Georgetown Grizzly Flat reported that he is seeking to obtain a copy of a 20 minute video from the Orleans fire safe council. When he receives it he would like to show it to the EDCFSC board. In addition he is planning a prescribed burn on his property and will be assisted by a retired forest service employee Linda Sistern (?). She is going to do a class for the Georgetown Fire Department in the spring.
    Mary Cornelison from Volcanoville reported that they had the crew from Growlersberg did roadside clearing for about five miles on Volcanoville road and visability and fire safety have been greatly improved. She also reported that work was progressing on the Volacanville CWPP.
    Richard Krek, from Cameron Park, reported that a roadside clearing project on Cameron Park Drive between HW50 and Green Valley road was a cooperative effort of the CSD and DOT and it is looking real good.
    Bill Brandt from Auburn Lake Trails reported that their local chipping program is winding down because they did not receive a clearing house grant. They will be using the EDCFSC chipping program. Thanks to the Growlersburg crew. They are back and doing great work.
  14. Motion for Adjournment - Ken Hasse moved to adjourn the meeting . The next meeting will be on January 25th at 10:00 am. The agendas will be provided at least one week in advance of the meeting.
Dated: 11/07/2011               By: Pat Dwyer, Secretary