El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Board of Directors Meeting
USFS Headquarters, 100 Forni Road, Placerville
January 25, 2012
10:00 AM

  1. Meeting Call to Order
    Richard Krek, EDCFSC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.
  2. Roll Call
    Board Members Present: Richard Krek, Chairperson, Rich Englefield, Vice Chairperson, Ken Hasse, Treasurer, Chrystie Mort-Davis, Parliamentarian, Cari DeWolf, Executive Coordinator (EC), Bill Brandt, Dave Eggerton, Ray Griffiths, Michael Powell, Bill Smith, Jim Stewart.
    Satellite Council Members and Guests present: Suz Walker NSFSC, Lloyd Heller, Fort Jim, Linda McDonald EDCFSC Support, Patrick McDaniel, Cal-Fire, Gary Miller, CECSD, Doris Miller CECSD, Joan Normingtn, Fairglade, George Normingtn, Fairglade, Mark Egbert, RCD. Linda Columbo NSFSC, Sandi Bush, GFFSC, James Bridges, Chrome Ridge, Tom Schulz., PPFSC.
  3. Public Comment
    Tom Schulz from Pollock Pines stated a concern about board membership and elections. He stated that all board activities should be transparent and open. He encouraged the group to take a county wide role.
    Ken Hasse, speaking as a member of the public, called attention to the bylaws and the policy for board nominations in May and elections in June. He also observed that board officers were elected in June and there were no vacant board officer positions vacant at this time. He encouraged interested parties to review the bylaws. They are on line at our web site www.edcfiresafe.org.
    The chairperson, Richard Krek, said he would do some research and get back to the board and public, it will be put on the next agenda for discussion and action.
    Suz Walker from Nashville/ Sand Ridge stated that she was interested in becoming a board member.
  4. Approval of Agenda
    Chrystie Davis noted that the agenda should be approved prior to approving the minutes of the previous meeting.
    Motion: Dave Eggerton moved that the agenda be approved and Jim Stewart seconded. Ken Hasse proposed an addition to the agenda that the approval of the records retention policy be added under the Consent Agenda (Item 7) and the "Drug free workplace policy" be added under item B. Both were discussed in the October meeting.
    Discussion: During discussion period there was public comment concerning the items on the consent agenda (Definition of Satellite councils and financial management policy) Mr. Schulz recommended that these items be removed from the consent agenda, be open for discussion and be action items on next month's agenda. The chair called for a motion to approve the amended agenda to include the items added under section 7.
    Motion: Dave Eggerton accepted the amendment to the motion, Bill Brandt seconded the motion. During discussion of the amended motion Ken Hasse stated that the Financial management policy has been on the agenda for several meetings and was sent to Grants Clearing House as an emergency measure to get funding released last January. It has been available to the public for an extended period.
    Call to question: The amended motion was approved by majority vote.
  5. Approval of Minutes
    1. The chair called for a motion to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2011 meeting. There was some confusion concerning the proper version of the minutes that had been distributed.
      Motion: Dave Eggerton moved to defer the approval of the minutes to the February meeting. Ken Hasse seconded.
      Vote: The motion passed by a majority vote.
    2. The chair called for approval of the minutes of the December 12, 2011 special meeting. Ken Hasse proposed that the date of the meeting (December 12, 2011)be added to the header.
      Motion: Ken moved that the minutes be approved as amended. Bill Brandt seconded.
      Vote: The motion passed by a majority vote.
  6. Correspondence and Communications
    1. A letter of support was sent to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy concerning the Cable Creek project. It was signed by the Chairperson on January 18th, 2012
    2. A letter of support was sent to the U.S. Forest Service concerning Proposition 84.
    3. Richard Krek, Chairperson gave a presentation to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, requesting funding for Fire Safe Councils from the Air Quality Grant Funds.
    4. Ken Hasse, Treasurer, received a "reminder" from the California Secretary of State's office indication that the Statement of Information was required from our organization as a Non Profit 501 (C)3. It is due April, 30, 2012.
    5. There was a meeting with SMUD officials on Jan 24th concerning opportunities for collaborating on public outreach and fire prevention projects. Richard Krek, Pat Dwyer, Chrystie Mort-Davis and Cari DeWolf attended representing the EDCFSC.
    6. James Bridges from Chrome Ridge stated that he has been in contact with the Council with the goal of becoming an active Council again.
    7. Richard Englefield stated that the Council had received several emails to various email addresses some of which are defunct. He was in the process of sorting them out. He went on to state that a "tickler" calendar was being developed to identify tasks and reports that must be accomplished yearly.
  7. Consent Agenda
    Chrystie Mort-Davis moved and Rich Englefield seconded a motion to approve the consent agenda as modified which included the following:
    There were questions concerning the urgency of need for these policies. There was a request to delay the vote until there could be further review and comment by the public. It was explained that the requirement for the policies were from the Grants Clearing House and without these policies our funds were in jeopardy. The required policies were sent to the Clearing House after they were passed by the electronic vote. There was also a request to place a short description of each item on the agenda. It was noted that the By-Laws required revision and all these policies would be reviewed during the process. There will be ample opportunity for public input.
    A vote was called and the items on the consent agenda were approved by a majority vote.
  8. Treasurer's Report
    Ken Hasse reported that there was a current bank balance of $272,497. The profit and loss statement reflected a negative $220,946. Title III funds in the amount of approximately $20,000 for 2009 and $56,000 for 2010 were available. These funds are committed to the Executive Coordinator salary and CWPP development. There are no more Title III funds.

    The active projects balances are: 2011 chipping, 2010 chipping has been closed out and there are no funds remaining. There is a remaining balance of $ 15,000 for Grizzly Flat and a request for a change in scope is being processed to fund the CWPP update. Senior assistance has $16488 remaining and a change in scope from the Gold Hill project could add $22,000. Suz Walker submitted a close out report for Nashville/Sand Ridge and $2,052 will be returned to the Clearing House on that project.
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Finance: Nothing to report
    2. Outreach: The meeting with SMUD, The Home and Garden Show Booth and Fundraising for the 10th anniversary celebration were discussed.
    3. Governance:
      The committee will begin the process of revising the By-Laws.
      Work will continue on:
      Grievance and Complaint Policy
      Projects Committee concept
      Fiscal Sponsor Letter
      Conflict of interest form
      Schedule of recurring requirements

  10. Old Business
    1. By-Laws moving forward.
      Motion to Table: Chrystie Mort-Davis, Second Jim Stewart.
      Vote: Approved by majority vote.
    2. CWPP Update the Clearing House requested status of our CWPP update. There was discussion concerning the relationship of Satellite Council CWPPs and the county wide CWPP and how they relate to the HW50 and HW49 CWPPs. The Title III funding for updates is exhausted. The question was raised on how to integrate our plans and align them with the California Fire Plan (Cal-Fire). Ken stated that the 2005 CWPP was in place but the HW49/50 plans were not complete. There were concerns about adequate review, public input and satellite coordination.
    3. Strategic Plan: The consensus was that we need to develop a strategic plan to pull the CWPPs together, make a master CWPP and collaborate with other agencies and programs. The watershed plan was an example of a potential partner. A priority project list would evolve from the master CWPP. It was agreed that a lot of strategic planning was required with maxim satellite and public input opportunities.
    4. Budget for Public Outreach Funds: There was a discussion on the need for a collaborative effort to "get the word out." Cari said SMUD was a good example of how we could partner with other organizations and share communications by being in each other's newsletter and mailings. We also need to attract people to our website through links on other organizations sites.
  11. New Business
    1. Renewal of Barry Callenberger's contract. Ken Hasse stated that we have not seen the contract. Motion: Chrystie Mort-Davis moved to table the issue until there was adequate review. Rich Englefield seconded the motioning. Vote: The motion to table passed by a majority vote.
    2. Action item for a Resolution to allow the Chairperson, Richard Krek, to sign agreements with the County. Motion: Ken Hasse moved for approval and Chrystie Mort-Davis seconded. Vote: A roll call vote was called ant there were 10 for and no opposing or abstentions.
    3. Action item for a resolution authorizing the Executive Coordinator (EC) to sign contracts and agreements. Motion: Dave Eggerton moved for approval and Chrystie Mort-Davis seconded. Vote: A roll call vote was taken and the resolution passed 10 For, None Opposed and no Abstentions
    4. Project Advisory Committee: A project advisory committee was proposed at the November meeting. A rough outline was submitted as a starting point. Motion: Chrystie Mort-Davis moved that the board proceed to form the committee. Dave Eggerton seconded the motion. Vote: The motion passed by a majority vote.
    5. Grievance/Complaint policy. There was a draft policy submitted to the board. Motion: Jim Stewart moved to refer the policy back to the Governance Committee and consider the policy under old business at the February meeting. There was a second. Vote: The motion was passed by majority vote.
    6. Increased chipping workload in the Cool area. Discussion: Bill Brandt reported that since ALT lost the funding to operate their own chipper there have been increased requests to use the County program. Ken Hasse noted that we had paid for inspections that resulted in increased demand for chipping. Ken recommended that no action be taken that the Board should just be aware.
    7. Personnel contract, Chipper & Senior Assistance Specialist. Cari DeWolf introduced Linda McDonald, who has assumed responsibilities for the programs. Cari told the group that Linda had extensive experience in customer service at EID and was well versed in Grant writing. Three candidates were interviewed and Linda was selected. The question was asked if an RFP was used to solicit candidates. The answer was that it was under the dollar limit for RFP.
  12. Report from the Executive Coordinator - Cari De Wolf distributed her report and said that many of her activities had been covered in discussion.
  13. Directors Report
    Michael Powell stated that he believed every Satellite Fire Safe Council had a right to have a representative on the board. He encouraged those interested to apply to have their names on the ballot for the June elections.
  14. Good of the Order

  15. Motion for Adjournment - Jim Stewart moved to adjourn the meeting. The next meeting will be on February 22nd at 10:00 am. The agendas will be provided at least one week in advance of the meeting.