November 17, 2004
Gold Hill Fire Station
1:00 p.m.-3:30p.m.

Present: Vicki Yorty (Executive Coordinator), Steve Bowman, Maria Capraum, Jose Crummett, Joan Darling, Richard Englefield (Treasurer), Penny Humphreys, Joan Jennings, Bill Knoop, Bob Krieg, Tom Mahaach (Vice-Chair), Gene Murphy, Jana Newman, Ed/Audry Pomato, Barbara Rebiskie, Jim Stewart, Donna Terp, Lori Tuthill, Walt Tyler (Secretary), Allen Jaeger, Clare Clement, Susan Hennike

Vicki opened the meeting and after introductions by all present, asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Motion to approve: Richard Englefield. Second: Joan Jennings. Approved by all present.

Vicki gave a brief overview of the conference at Denver and that she has installed GIS soft ware that was brought back from the conference. Rich added that GIS information (maps) would be necessary when applying for future grants. Vicki advised all present that Clearing House proposals need to be submitted by February 4, 2005. She referred to a memorandum from James M. Wright (CDF) dated 10-25-2004 "providing guidance to Units of CDF that intend to integrate Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) as specified in the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 (HFRA) (P.L. 108-148) with CDF Unit fire plans."

Charlie Paine, Supervisor, District 4, requested to make comments regarding the proposed El Dorado County General Plan. His primary concern was possible endorsement for or against the proposed referendum and/or General Plan by the EDCFSC prior to the election scheduled for March 2005. The issue has been scheduled for the January EDCFSC BOD meeting. Jana asked Supervisor Paine if additional County funding was possible noting that EDCFSC has reduced Chipping and Senior/Disabled Assistance budgets. He replied that funds were extremely short at the County level and cuts were being made all over. Vicki and Jana stated that the 100' minimum clearance around residences would not be implemented until additional information is received from CDF and possible modifications from the Governor's Office.

Vicki asked for a report from the Personnel Committee meeting that was held at 12:00 noon before the EDCFSC meeting. The committee made the following recommendations:

  1. Modify contracts with Mountain Enterprises and M.O.R.E. to include administrative scheduling of Chipping and Senior/Disabled Assistance services.

  2. Continue Jana Newman on a part time basis as an independent contractor to serve as Special Project Coordinator.

  3. Vicki will draft RSP for Sly Park Corridor Program and Grizzly Flats CWPP.

  4. Vicki will coordinate efforts to secure volunteers from local Fire Safe Councils to perform some of the necessary functions not required by contract services for the EDCFSC.

  5. Proposed conversion of Vicki's contract position of Executive Coordinator to employee is to be put on hold at this time. She indicates that there would be an additional position cost of 15% to convert the position and she can continue at this time as an independent contractor. (See EDCFSC Personnel Committee minutes of 11-17-04).

Vicki advised the council members that the office at Camino would be available January 1, 2005. She asked for anyone who can help moving records and setting up the office to please volunteer.

Informational handouts for project tracking, funding breakdown for 2004/2005, and a strategic planning meeting project matrix were distributed. Updated funding information and project matrix will be made available by Vicki after the 12-8-04 strategic planning meeting. Each project listed was discussed with current status, changes, and recommendations for continuation. New projects and funding were listed for additional discussion as necessary during the 12-8-04 meeting.

The following is a summary of discussion and information from Strategic Planning meeting:
Sheltering and staging in place with individual community needs are a basic concern for project planning. Home visits should not be threatening. Advise residents of benefits and protection from fire as result of proper defensive space clearing. Garden Valley should work towards a CAP. Residents throughout the county should make sure their street and house addresses are correct and appear correctly on maps used for emergency services. Absentee landowners continue to be a problem regarding clearing defensible space adjacent to resident landowners. Suggested that County ordnance be considered to assess absentee landowners for clearing defensible spaces. Intent of funding for General Plan Consultant was to assist with developing policies relating to fire safety, not implementation, by local EDCFSC expertise. Chipper and Senior/Disabled Assistance programs will continue based upon funds available. Proposed that a Wildfire Education Center be included within the Camino complex. Attempts to provide funding for 2006 calendars will be made through local businesses. Under new projects, Rescue Fire Dept. would like to expand home inspections. Penny Humphreys was introduced as chairperson of Rescue Fire Safe Council. Jana explained that she is contacting residents who have received Senior Assistance service and advising them that limited follow up maintenance is available. M.O.R.E. will provide follow up service. A presentation was made by Logtown Area resident Allen Jaeger describing inaccessible roads for emergency vehicles. His presentation was supported by supportive information in a packet format. A CAP would be the first step. He was invited to the 12-8-04 meeting for grant planning and project development. Ed/Audrey Pomato asked for assistance with the Outingdale Fire Council involving funds and community support. Vicki said she would help. Suggested that a Defensible Space class be developed with funding to be presented to the general public. Rich would like to explore producing maps (fire, roads, streets, events, etc.) to be sold for fund raising for EDCFSC projects. Jana described progress of green waste tickets. Tickets are available for residents to dispose of one load of green waste per year for free. Next Strategic Planning meeting: 12-08-04 1:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Walt Tyler, Secretary EDCFSC


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